SDS and Labels

Product Name EPA Reg. # Label SDS Other
Advion Ant Gel 100-1498 Advion Ant Gel label 100-1498 SDS
Advion Cockroach Gel Bait 100-1484 Advion Cockroach Gel Bait label 100-1484 SDS
Advion Cockroach Bait Arena 100-1486 Advion Cockroach Bait Arena label 100-1486 SDS
Arilon 100-1501 Arilon label 100-1501 SDS
Alpine WSG 499-561 Alpine WSG label 499-561 SDS Alpine WSG 499-561 Other
Altosid Pro-G Mosquito Larvicide 2724-451 Altosid Pro-G Mosquito Larvicide label 2724-451 SDS
Cimexa 73079-12 Cimexa label 73079-12 SDS
Contrac All-Weather Blox 12455-79 Contrac All-Weather Blox label 12455-79 SDS
Crossfire Bed Bug 1021-2776 Crossfire Bed Bug label 1021-2776 SDS
Cyzmix CS Controlled Release Insecticide 53883-261 Cyzmix CS Controlled Release Insecticide label 53883-261 SDS
Defense NXT 53883-415 Defense NXT label 53883-415 SDS
Delta Dust 432-772 Delta Dust label
Demand CS Insecticide 100-1066 Demand CS Insecticide label 100-1066 SDS
Ditrac Tracking Powder 12455-56 Ditrac Tracking Powder label
DSV 10324-80-64405 DSV label 10324-80-64405 SDS
ExciteR 89459-41 ExciteR label 89459-41 SDS
FastTrac Blox 12455-95 FastTrac Blox label 12455-95 SDS
Final Blox 12455-89 Final Blox label 12455-89 SDS
Final Soft Bait 12455-139 Final Soft Bait label 12455-139 SDS
First Strike Soft Bait 7173-258 First Strike Soft Bait label 7173-258 SDS
Fuse 53883-TX-002 Fuse label 53883-TX-002 SDS
Fuse Foam 11623-GA-1 Fuse Foam label 11623-GA-1 SDS
Masterline BMaxx 279-3206-73748 Masterline BMaxx label 279-3206-73748 SDS
Maxforce Magnum 432-1460 Maxforce Magnum label 432-1460 SDS
NatureCide Pest Management X2 NatureCide Pest Management X2 label  SDS
Nibor-D 64405-8 Nibor-D label 64405-8 SDS
NyGuard Flea & Tick 1021-2580 NyGuard Flea & Tick label 1021-2580 SDS
NyGuard IGR Concentrate 1021-1603 NyGuard IGR Concentrate label 1021-1603 SDS
NyGuard Plus Flea & Tick 1021-1833 NyGuard Plus Flea & Tick label 1021-1833 SDS
OneGuard 1021-MN-2 OneGuard label 1021-MN-2 SDS
Onslaught FastCap 1021-2574 Onslaught FastCap label 1021-2574 SDS
Pivot 10 IGR 53883-280 Pivot 10 IGR label 53883-280 SDS
Pivot Ultra 53883-304 Pivot Ultra label 53883-304 SDS
ProFlex 53883-427 ProFlex label 53883-427 SDS
PT Alpine 499-531 PT Alpine label 499-531 SDS
PT Alpine Pressurized Fly Bait 499-568 PT Alpine Pressurized Fly Bait label 499-568 SDS
PT Phantom II Pressurized Insecticide 7969-285 PT Phantom II Pressurized Insecticide label 7969-285 SDS
Sentricon AG Stations 62719-608 Sentricon AG Stations label 62719-608 SDS
Sentricon Always Ready Bait 62719-608 Sentricon Always Ready Bait label 62719-608 SDS
Sentricon RecruitHD Stations 62719-608 Sentricon RecruitHD Stations label 62719-608 SDS
Shockwave 1 Aerosol 1021-1810 Shockwave 1 Aerosol label 1021-1810 SDS
Shockwave Fogging Concentrate 1021-1810 Shockwave Fogging Concentrate label 1021-1810 SDS
Spectre 2 SC 91234-24-53883 Spectre 2 SC label 91234-24-53883 SDS
Spectre Arosol 91234-23-53883 Spectre Arosol label 91234-23-53883 SDS
Spectre PS Liquid 91234-23-53883 Spectre PS Liquid label 91234-23-53883 SDS
Stryker 53883-308 Stryker label 53883-308 SDS
Stryker 54 53883-329 Stryker 54 label 53883-329 SDS
Stryker Wasp and Hornet Killer 53883-384 Stryker Wasp and Hornet Killer label 53883-384 SDS
Suspend Polyzone 432-1514 Suspend Polyzone label 432-1514 SDS
Suspend SC 432-763 Suspend SC label
Taurus SC Insecticide 53883-272 Taurus SC Insecticide label 53883-272 SDS
Tekko Pro IGR 53883-335 Tekko Pro IGR label 53883-335 SDS
Tempo 1% Dust 432-1373 Tempo 1% Dust label
Temprid SC Insecticide 432-1483 Temprid SC Insecticide label 432-1483 SDS
Termidor Foam 499-563 Termidor Foam label 499-563 SDS
Termidor HE 7969-329 Termidor HE label 7969-329 SDS
Termidor SC 7969-210 Termidor SC label 7969-210 SDS
Transport Mikron 8033-109-279 Transport Mikron label 8033-109-279 SDS
Vendetta Plus 1021-2593 Vendetta Plus label 1021-2593 SDS
Zenrprox Wasp-X2 2724-786-89459 Zenrprox Wasp-X2 label 2724-786-89459 SDS
ZP Tracking Powder 12455-16 ZP Tracking Powder label 12455-16 SDS
565 Plus 499-290 565 Plus label 499-290 SDS

What customers are saying

My Pest Pros has provided quality service to us for several years. Each technician, especially Chris, provides excellent service and suggestions for solving any problems we might have. We definitely recommend them.

Anne PriorFairfax, VA

The technician handling our property, Mr. Hargrove, is obviously quite capable. He has, from the first visit, explained what he was doing and fully answered all our questions. The results of his efforts are evident in the fact that the latest visit provided evidence that the infestation was not spreading and also none of the "bait" had been consumed since his last visit. Thank you for providing us with the services of this fine gentleman. We would have no problems recommending him and your firm to friends and neighbors.

Richard EllisSpringfield VA

Chris came out to my house in a timely manner. He showed me where mice had been eating the bait in one of the traps. I appreciate learning more about rodent control. Chris was informative and polite. Thanks.

Barbara LassArlington, VA

The young man that came by my house today to do a treatment was "excellent!" He noticed in my backyard there were ant hills and he immediately sprayed that area. All I can say was keep up the good work Sinjay.

Georgia HamptonUpper Marlboro, MD

Chris is friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Thank you.

Jerry LinAlexandria, VA

Very professional and friendly. Glad I decided to choose this company.

Joseph StaabNottingham, MD