Pest Control Services in Chantilly, VA

Residents and business owners in Chantilly, VA, can rest easy knowing they have a dependable pest control company like My Pest Pros on their side. Whenever you need us for whatever pest problem, My Pest Pros is here to help. Call today to get a free estimate.

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Pest Control Solutions in Chantilly, VA

Chantilly, Virginia

Chantilly, VA, is home to some of the best breweries, parks, and historical sites in VA. These areas allow residents to explore, have fun, and relax. Don’t let pests ruin your enjoyment. Protect your home and business in Chantilly, VA, with pest control services. My Pest Pros is a full-service pest control company offering a range of options that are suitable for individuals, families, and businesses alike.

My Pest Pros is a pest control company serving the Chantilly, VA, area. We offer residential, commercial, and organic pest control services. Are you dealing with a pest problem? We work with you to evaluate your living or business space and determine which services would benefit your unique needs. This allows us to craft a customized plan that suits your pest control concerns. Contact us today to get started.

Pest Control Services in Chantilly, VA

Whether you need immediate/emergency pest control services or are looking for long-term management solutions, My Pest Pros can help.

Residential Services

Your home has several resources that pests are searching for—food, water, shelter, etc. To protect your space and feel safe in your home it is a good idea to work with a professional pest control company.

Commercial Services

Your business is an integral part of your life. If your customers don’t feel comfortable in your space, that can result in a decrease in profits. Don’t let pests run your business, take control with commercial pest control from My Pest Pros.

Organic Pest Control

When you need a greener solution for your pest problem and want to limit the use of pesticides, you can rely on the team at My Pest Pros to handle it.

Common Pests in Chantilly, VA

There are a variety of insects that live in Chantilly. Some of the most common pests we deal with in the area are cockroaches, rodents, ants, termites, flies, and silverfish.


Control Cockroaches

Cockroaches carry a wide range of diseases that can end up on your food, in your cabinets, and all along your walls. If you see specks of brown/black that look like coffee grounds in corners; brown smears along baseboards, walls, and doors; small egg casings; and chewed-up or eaten food, it’s time to contact My Pest Pros.

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Remove Rodents

Rodents are particularly adept at finding small crawl spaces in your home to hide in and make their own. When this happens, it’s time to kick them out. The professionals at My Pest Pros have years of experience dealing with rodents, we can take care of your rodent problem and effectively eliminate them. Contact us today.

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Anticipate Ants

While ants may not be the most destructive pests on this list, they are the most annoying. These nuisance pests don’t know when enough is enough and come back time and time again looking for food and water. Get rid of them for good with help from My Pest Pros.

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Terminate Termites

Eliminate termites from your home before they cause lasting damage. Contact My Pest Pros today to schedule a termite extermination or inspection.

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Force Flies to Flee

Flies are annoying pests that make their way into your home within seconds of you opening the door. They feast on your food and make a home in your space. Get rid of flies with the help of My Pest Pros.

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Sayonara Silverfish

Silverfish are attracted to warm, moist spaces in your home and often come out in the evening when everyone is asleep. If you are dealing with a silverfish problem, it’s time to let the professionals handle it. Contact the team at My Pest Pros.

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