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Mosquitoes are flying, blood-sucking pests that can infest your home and yard. These pests are attracted to homes with greenery and standing water. Not only do their bites leave an itchy spot, but mosquitoes are transmitters of diseases such as malaria, the West Nile virus, and the Zika virus. Active in the warmer months, these pests make enjoying your outdoor space irritating and unbearable.

With the help of My Pest Pros, you can reclaim and restore your outdoors. Whether you need a one-time intensive treatment or a seasonal protection plan, we are here to help. Our technicians find and treat the root of the problem—ensuring your home remains mosquito-free.

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How to Identify Mosquitoes

A mosquito feeding on skin

Mosquitoes are typically gray with white/blue/green scales on their wings. The most distinctive aspect of a mosquito is its long proboscis (nose) that is used to poke into the skin. While flying, their long skinny legs are typically visible, and their nose.

Once bitten, your skin will likely develop a small red bump that is itchy. This red bump usually goes away in a few days, but it can be very irritating. While mosquitoes are a nuisance to many people, some people are very allergic to mosquito bites. Most mosquitoes come out during the early morning and late afternoon when the sun is at its lowest points. Eliminating mosquitoes from your home and yard is difficult, but the experts at My Pest Pros are here to help.

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Tips for Preventing Mosquitoes

  • Eliminate any standing water on your property.
  • Repair cracks and crevices around your home.
  • Set up mosquito traps and repellent.
  • Trim grasses, weeds and overgrowth.
  • Keep the greenery around your home contained.

How My Pest Pros Helps

At My Pest Pros, we understand how annoying and dangerous it is to have mosquitoes infesting your yard. That is why we take the time to find the root cause of your mosquito problem and treat hese areas. We offer a number of treatment plans, including a one-time intensive treatment for significant events as well as a recurring protection program.

A one-time application provides a short-term barrier to ensure the comfort of you and your guests. However, this only resolves the problem temporarily. We offer a seasonal treatment plan to eliminate mosquitoes and keep them away. With our seasonal protection plan, you can remain mosquito-free all year long. Plus, as an authorized MistAway installer, we can install a mosquito misting system, so you can have control over your yard from mosquitoes and other flying pests.

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