Do you want to get rid of roaches?

Cockroaches are not only disgusting, but can spread disease and filth. Cockroach control can be difficult because of many hiding places, different types of roaches respond to different techniques, and the need to eliminate what may be attracting them. Many homeowners who want to get rid of cockroaches often overlook simple solutions to eliminating these pests. It can be a difficult to get rid of roaches.

The most common roaches found in our area of Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. include the German cockroach, American cockroaches and Oriental cockroaches. German roaches respond best to growth regulators, which inhibit breeding, and baits. Some roaches are more responsive to treatments with insecticides. However, some techniques for eliminating or preventing roach infestations are common regardless of the species.

Tips to Get Rid of Roaches

  1. Sanitation is critical to preventing and eliminating roaches. Clean cracks and crevices where debris may fall. Clean stove and other surfaces with disinfectants and wipe up grease and oils.
  2. Eliminate water sources. Small leaks in plumbing or standing water may attract roaches.
  3. Store food in sealed containers. Do not leave pet food out overnight and keep it and other foods sealed in cabinets.
  4. Keep garbage cans covered and remove trash frequently. Eliminate boxes, paper bags and other potential hiding and harborage locations.
  5. Keep trees, bushes and foliage around the home trimmed 1-2 feet from the structure. Also keep damp, dense ground cover, including ivy, which may provide hiding locations, off and away from the home.
  6. Seal cracks and crevices around kitchen counters and cabinets, plumbing, and bathroom fixtures. Sealing exterior gaps and cracks can also help prevent roaches from entering the home.

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Eliminating cockroaches can be a challenge. A professional pest control technician has the knowledge, experience and best products to eliminate roaches.

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