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Do You Need Pest Control in the Winter?

You’re walking around your house during a cold night, and you hear a strange noise coming from your basement. You run down to check on it and see a mouse. You walk into the kitchen on an unseasonably warm winter day and find that there are ants crawling all over your walls. Or maybe you […]

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Why Does My Home In Reston Virginia Have Silverfish?

You're sitting there in your home in Reston, and you spot a little blue-grey insect crawling across your floor. A silverfish! But where has it come from? We’re here to shed some light on why you have a silverfish infestation and how to eliminate them from your home in Reston, Virginia. What Is A Silverfish? […]

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It's Cold Outside, Why Do I Need Winter Pest Control?

We’re often asked whether winter pest control is needed. After all, it’s cold outside and pests such as ants, mosquitoes and spiders and dead, hibernating or nowhere to be seen, right? Wrong! Just as you want to cozy up inside a warm home, many pests seek out a warm place to overwinter. Often, your warm […]

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