Wolf spider on a leaf
A wolf spider on a leaf

Wolf spiders are commonly spider found in Virginia and Maryland. While they typically inhabit wooded areas, they frequently make their way into homes. They can be identified by their dark bodies with lighter markings in the center. They also have eight eyes - a distinctive set of eyes with two large eyes on top of a set of four smaller eyes, and two more eyes on either side of their head.

In this article, we will review how to get rid of them in your house, prevent them from getting in, and whether wolf spiders are dangerous.

How Do I Get Rid of Wolf Spiders in My House?

Wolf spiders can be exterminated with insecticide treatments in the places they like to hide like basements and dark, quiet corners. Glue traps are also effective ways to eliminate wolf spiders.

If spiders and other pests have you freaked out, your local pest control company My Pest Pros can help protect your family and home. Regular preventative pest inspections and treatments will deter spiders and other pests from coming inside your Virginia or Maryland home.

How Do I Prevent Wolf Spiders from Getting into My House?

Make sure to keep your lawn mowed and don’t store wood piles near your house. Wolf spiders tend to favor long grass and quiet dark places. They may be tempted to come inside if there are cracks in your foundations or vulnerable areas where they can crawl in.

Basements are popular places to find wolf spiders so make sure that any boxes or dark places are regularly swept out or vacuumed to discourage wolf spiders from settling in. Exterminators like My Pest Pros can also provide regular prevention methods to keep spiders outside, where they belong!

Do Wolf Spiders Bite?

While wolf spiders are not considered poisonous or aggressive, they will bite if they are startled or feel threatened. Although they can get large, most are small and easily missed until you feel their bite. They may feel the need to defend themselves if you unknowingly get too close.

Wolf spider bites can be painful and cause a large sore red area, but they are not usually dangerous. However, some people are allergic to spider bites, so be cautious about them. Whether you're allergic, a spider bite is never fun. A common anti-itch topical solution and ice can relieve a spider bite pain.


Wolf spiders are common arachnids typically found in wooded areas. But they have been known to make their homes inside houses. Glue traps and insecticides can effectively rid of spiders. Keeping wood piles away from your house and your lawn cut short can help prevent them from coming inside.

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