You would think that spotting a bed bug infestation would be easy, but it turns out that it's harder than expected. For example, a study by Rutgers University found that about 50% of all people with bed bug infestations don't even realize they have a problem! How is that possible?

Well, bed bugs are primarily night critters that hide very well during the day. Spotting one out in the open is very unlikely, which makes diagnosing this problem tricky. As a result, bed bug spread is highly likely.

Beyond that, bed bugs are also very small pests that are hard to see. Usually, they look no bigger than a large piece of dirt. Their bland brown or light red colors also make them blend easily with their surroundings. They also possess no real identifiable traits, beyond a flatness of the body.

Even worse, many of the symptoms of a bed bug infestation mirror other skin problems. For example, bite marks often turn into a rash that is easy to explain away as a temporary "stress-induced" rash. Beyond that, your skin may not even react for up to two weeks after being bitten! That delay explains a lot of the confusion surrounding these bugs.

So if you are waking up with rashes or bite marks every morning, there's a good chance you have a bed bug infestation and you don't even know it. If that makes your skin crawl, call a professional right away to get bed bugs out of your house for good.  contact My Pest Pros today for bed bug control at  703-665-4455. and schedule your treatment!