Mosquito misting system nozzles sprayingMosquitos Are Kept Away From Your Property

This is the biggest benefit of having a mosquito control system in your backyard. The elimination, or at least reduction, of mosquitos.

When most people think of mosquitos, they think of the awful, itchy bites that they get from the little bloodsuckers. It only takes a quick nibble before you can come out in a rash. During the height of mosquito season in Virginia, it is not uncommon for people to be laden with bites. It is uncomfortable, and you will forever be slathering yourself with some bite-relieving cream.

This isn’t the only issue with mosquitoes here in the United States, though. Mosquitoes carry a wide range of diseases. While malaria is the one most people associate with mosquitos, it isn’t the only one. West Nile Disease also appears in the US, as is Zika and Dengue. You probably don’t need us to tell you that every one of these is awful. Some could kill you, all will make you seriously ill.

Basically, you don’t want mosquitos anywhere near your property.

Mosquito Control Systems Require Little Effort

Most people will have some sort of way of dealing with mosquitoes in Virginia. Some may use an insect repellent, others a mister, and others will use little plug-in solutions. All of them will require some sort of active thinking to keep those mosquitos at bay and, when those systems are not switched on, the mosquitos are going to be hanging around.

Mosquito control systems used by My Pest Pros aim to keep the mosquitos at bay permanently. Whenever you head into your yard, place of business, etc. you don’t have to think about making sure that you spray yourself with insect repellent or something similar. You just know that the mosquitos aren’t going to be hanging around. It will give you peace of mind.

Mosquito Control Systems Don’t Impact Other Insects

Many of the more traditional methods will impact other insects around your home. Some of these can be highly beneficial, e.g., bees, or anything that munches on plant pests.

Most mosquito control systems directly target mosquitos. Rarely will those systems impact other insects and, if they do, it is unlikely to be in large enough quantities for it to be a problem.

Of course, we here at My Pest Pros can also deal with other pests around your home e.g. ticks, if you wish for assistance with that.

Mistaway Gen. 3 mosquito control systemLonger Lasting Solution

Most traditional mosquito control methods work for a couple of minutes or hours. They aren’t going to keep the mosquitos at bay permanently, nor are they going to prevent them from breeding.

The mosquito control systems that we utilize here at My Pest Pros do both. Our systems can keep the mosquitos out of your yard or other areas for an incredibly long time. This means that you will never even have to deal with a couple of mosquitos. You can sit back and relax knowing that the impact of our system isn’t going to wear off.

You will also be pleased to know that our innovative approach to mosquito control will ensure that any mosquito breeding is stopped dead in its tracks. When mosquitos can’t breed, you are even less likely to be dealing with issues related to mosquitos around the home.

Cheaper Solution

The cost of using more traditional mosquito control methods certainly adds up. Sure, an insect repellent doesn’t cost a huge amount of cash but imagine how many you will need to pick up over several years. The cost will start to add up incredibly quickly!

In the long term, our systems are much more affordable. Not only will you end up with a far more reliable and effective system, but you will be paying less for it over the years.

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With years of experience in Fairfax, Virginia, and the surrounding area, our team can come and install a mosquito control system for you. Together, we can work to ensure that those awful insects are kept at bay and that you, your family, and your pets will never have to worry about another bite anywhere near your home.