According to the CDC, there are over 25 million people who suffer from asthma. About 30 percent of sufferers are children. Allergens worsen asthma, and people who have allergy problems can get sick more easily or develop uncomfortable symptoms when there are more allergens than usual in the air. Most people attribute allergies to normal seasonal changes. However, one common factor that is overlooked is pest-related allergies in the home.

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Types Of Pests That Cause Or Worsen Pest-Related Allergies

Many people are not aware of the allergens left behind by common pests. These allergens may linger for some time even after a pest problem is gone. This is a list of the most common pest elements with allergen proteins:

These are just a few examples. People may notice worsening allergies when termites are present because of allergens in exposed wood or wood byproducts. Others may experience itching, coughing, watery eyes or other allergic symptoms after being bitten by ants, fleas or spiders.

Types Of Pests That Trigger Severe Allergic Reactions

Stinging pests can trigger severe allergic reactions in some people. Fire ants, bees, and yellow jackets are common stinging pests that send people to the hospital. One sting may only cause a welt in most individuals. However, people allergic to the venom from the stings may experience an anaphylactic reaction when there are multiple stings. Trying to disturb a bee hive, a wasp nest or a fire ant hill can lead to massive attacks. While a few people die from anaphylactic shock, others require a short hospital stay to recover.

How To Eliminate Pests

If you notice that your allergy symptoms seem worse than usual and you also notice a certain type of pest appearing around your home more often, there could be a connection. Many people who have unexplained worsening allergies report feeling much better after a lingering pest problem has been eliminated. Never try to remove pests yourself. If you are having allergy issues, close contact with an infestation will only make matters worse. Also, some pests are dangerous and aggressive.

Only a pest control professional should handle an infestation. At My Pest Pros, we have years of experience with all types of pests. We know how to find the source of an infestation and remove it. Also, we provide preventative treatments to help you keep pests away and reduce your allergy problems in the future.

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