Have you spotted a few spiders wandering in your home and are concerned about the chance of a true spider invasion? Consider these following points as symptoms of a true spider problem. Noting these signs can help you avoid falling victim to the same fate that befell William Shatner in "Kingdom Of The Spiders" and keep you safe and healthy:

  • Webs - Obviously, if you have webs in your home, there's a good chance you have spiders. However, cobwebs can easily be mistaken for spider webs if you don't inspect them closely. Spider webs will look much more designed and unnatural, while cobwebs will likely lack any kind of design.
  • Drop in insect population - Were you suffering from other indoor pests, but now notice they aren't around? There's a good chance spiders have taken care of them for you. That's really the only good thing about spiders: however, their negatives really do outweigh this minor positive. Especially if they are at all poisonous.
  • Bites on pets and children - Spiders aren't particularly aggressive towards humans: most of the time they want to be left alone and will flee when confronted. However, if a persistent child or pet tries to grab or pester a spider too long, they will bite. And this can result in poisonous or even allergic reactions that may put your child's life at risk.

Can you take care of a spider problem on your own? A spider or two, probably. But once they have laid eggs and settled in, you need professional help. Call them right away to keep your home free of spiders.