Protect Your Home From Termite Damage

With June being hot and one of the wettest on record in the Washington, D.C. area, many homeowners are experiencing pest problems including ants and roaches. Higher water levels are pushing pests out of the ground and into your home. Yuck! Improper drainage can lead to a lot of serious problems, both inside the home and out. In a yard, it can lead to boggy patches, which aside from ruining a landscape, can attract a lot of unwanted pests. Inside the home it can also attract pests and cause a lot of structural damage. Among the many pests that are attracted to water-damaged wood are wood destroying insects and termite damage in particular. These destructive insects can really ruin a home's integrity and value, as well as cause thousands of dollars in damage in just a short time. Insurance and pest industry estimates are that termite damage costs $5 billion to $20 billion annually. Homeowners' insurance usually does not cover the cost of termite damage.

Termites Are Not The Only Pest Attracted to Water Issues

Drainage-Problems altWhile these wood loving pests are more prone to homes with poor drainage issues, there are also a number of other insects and rodents that can thrive in a home where there is stagnant water and rotting wood. Roaches in particular thrive in areas where there is regular water supply and they can scavenge food sources off the rotten wood and the mold that grows in it. Even something as small as a single, but consistent, dripping can create an insect paradise inside a home. Crawlspaces, attics, and even outside water spigots are common areas where improper drainage issues, such as leaks or back-flow can lead to water damage and creating conducive habits for pests. Rodents are also fond of homes with standing water pools as they provide enough water to survive off of, which also means the area is more likely to encourage nesting and breeding.

Treating Pests is Only Half the Solution

When you begin to have pest problems, instead of just trying to eliminate the pests, the bigger part of the solution is to find the reasons they are there. A good pest control company will not only help treat for the pests, they will also help identify why the pests have presented themselves. Issues with drainage can be a major factor in why many insects begin to take up residence. Wood softened by water damage, standing pools, even small ones, can be like open invitations. Finding the weak points in a home is part of what makes the different between a good pest control company and an excellent one. Working together with a pest control company, it is possible to identify the problems, treat the pest situation and get the repairs done to help keep your home safe and healthy for you and your family.

Termite Tunnels found during an termite inspection of a Washington, D.C. home.

Expert solving drainage pest problems

Prevent Problems Before They Start

One of the best ways to help prevent many potential pest problems is to take regular care around the home. Always inspect your

My Pest Pros' VPMA Certified Wood Destroying Inspectors are trained to detect and treat termite damage.

Pipes, especially under sinks and out of the way areas. Mildew, mold, and musty odors are signs that there is water damage inside the home. Paying attention to the areas outside the home as well are just as important as. Standing water outside the home can lead to serious outdoor pests such as ants and mosquitoes, as well as rodents. While pest control companies can help treat a yard for these pests, prevention is always the best practice.

My Pest Pros has experienced and wood destroying insect certified inspectors capable of detecting and eliminating termite activity as well as other pest problems. Contact us today for a termite inspection, termite warranty or termite protection.