The season of fall can be a happy time for those who have been bothered by outdoor insects during the warm weather, but the fall brings its own problems with a variety of nuisance creatures. Here at My Pest Pros, we're routinely called out to homes and businesses throughout Maryland, Washington, D.C., and the northern portion of Virginia to eradicate all of those pests that refuse to go away when the weather turns cooler. These are just a few of the most common pests that are prevalent in these areas during the fall months.

1. Flies

While the cool weather may slow down their movements, you'll likely still note the presence of the common house fly, fruit flies and cluster flies throughout the fall months. In the worst cases, you may find your entire south- and west-facing walls completely covered in flies as they gather together for warmth, and a single warm day will have them swarming everywhere. Flies aren't just a nuisance either because they are capable of spreading well over 50 diseases to humans that include tuberculosis, cholera, salmonella and typhoid fever.

2. Rodents

Fall sends out a signal to rodents that it's time to find warm nesting areas with plentiful access to food and water, and this may point them right to your home. Unfortunately, these areas that we service have experienced a severe problem with rats and other rodents, and you may find yourself invaded by the common house mouse, Norway rats, roof rats, deer mice or the white-footed mouse.

All of these creatures are capable of chewing through your wiring, which could start a fire. They'll also chew into boxes of food, and contact with their droppings, urine and saliva can put your family at risk for such serious illnesses as rat-bite fever, Hantavirus and salmonella.

3. Ants

These insects may be best known for ruining summer picnics, but they'll definitely be looking for food throughout your home this fall. You may expect to be invaded by pavement ants, odorous house ants, carpenter ants, pharaoh ants and fire ants. In addition to coming in to look for food, carpenter ants do significant damage to any wood in your home, fire ants can deliver painful bites and pharaoh ants are known to spread infections to humans.

4. Bees

Whenever possible, it's necessary to allow bees to live undisturbed so that they can stay busy pollinating crops and making honey. However, it can be dangerous when bees decide to make a nest in your attic during the fall months. Bees often aggressively defend their nest, and that can mean a great many serious stings, which may prove fatal to anyone who is allergic.

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