As temperatures have dropped across the Washing ton, D.C. region this winter, My Pest Pros has seen an increase in calls from homeowners and tenants with cockroaches in their homes or apartments. These homes are not necessarily dirty or unsanitary. Roaches are attracted to your home's warmth, dark spaces and moisture. While it's true that unsanitary conditions can attract roaches, they are likely seeking a safe and comfortable place to breed.

About Roaches

Cockroaches can squeeze through small cracks, as small as 0.15 centimeters, in walls, foundations, around drain pipes as well as windows, electrical or other wires. Poorly sealed doors and other entry points are also ways they can get inside. You may also unknowingly carry the in with the mail, newspapers, boxes, grocery bags and other packaging. Construction in a neighbor's home or business can also drive them towards your home or business.

Because roaches prefer dark, warm and quiet places, they can often be found under kitchen or bathroom sinks, in crawl spaces, under or behind appliances or inside cabinets. You may see roaches when the population has grown to an infestation or one or two is accidentally exposed and is scrambling for a safe hiding place.

Hiring a professional pest control company such as My Pest Pros is one of the most effective ways to eliminate roaches and other pests. Our trained pest control experts know where roaches hide, can identify signs of roach infestations, and have the solutions to eradicate roaches. We can identify whether you have German, American or Origental roaches and then devise a treatment plan to eliminate them and help keep them away. The difference My Pest Pros can solve all of your pest control problems in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax County and Loudoun County communities including Annandale, Burke, Fairfax, Sterling and Reston. We also serve Washington, D.C. and Montgomery County, Maryland.

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