Now that the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are over, it's officially Christmas season across Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. As a homeowner, you also want to feel the spirit of Christmas right at the comfort of your home. Keep your Christmas Tree insect free.

Buying or cutting down a Christmas tree and hanging greens (along with lights) is a common tradition in homes across Alexandria and Fairfax to Bethesda and the rest of the Washington, D.C. region. Unfortunately, this holiday tradition and also bring unwanted insects and pests into the home. Purchased trees are usually treated for pests. However, the treatments are not 100 percent effective and insects can still infest a tree during transportation or while sitting on the lot. If you are cutting down a tree, careful inspection is needed.

A few basic precautions and monitoring can help you enjoy a pest-free holiday season and also keep your tree and family healthy. Besides being annoying, many pests can spread disease as well as cause problems to the structure of your home. These include mites, spiders, aphids and beetles that can hitch a ride on your tree. Most of them live outdoors and they will likely to die after few days without food. However, your home has lots of yummy food sources (in addition to holiday treats) that are attractive to pests. Many female insects may also lay eggs a month or so before Thanksgiving. The indoor temperature may possibly speed up their development, leaving you with a group of insects that will ruin your holiday and pose problems well after the tree is taken down.

Don't worry because these tips from the pest control experts at My Pest Pros will help you enjoy your pest-free tree and the holiday season.

Helpful Pest Control Tips for Christmas

  1. Check before selecting. Closely inspect the tree for insects and spider webs. It doesn't hurt to bring a flashlight.
  2. Prepare the tree for indoor living - regardless of the place where you intend to get the tree, just should shake it first before bringing it inside the house to remove the insects living on it. You may also trim the branches where you see the egg cases of the insects that you can't eliminate.
  3. Keep an eye to your Christmas tree – now, your tree is already standing with its decorations. Your job never stops from shaking the tree because you have to pay attention and observe the insect that is trying to get close to the tree. You may remove it by vacuuming then discard the bag used in catching the insect. Also regularly clean up of fallen needles.

One More Thing to Remember
It is not advisable to use insecticides near or on the tree itself. This may cause harm to you, especially if the tree is already inside the house. These products may be flammable.

A final reminder: Have a happy and safe holiday season!

Locally owned and operated My Pest Pros can also help you keep your Christmas tree and home free of insects and rodent invaders. Call us at 703-665-4455 to enjoy a pest-free holiday.