While some pests such as spiders and ants may be common on some properties, other pests are occasional invaders. If you start seeing more of them, it is time to call a pest control professional. These are some occasional invaders to watch for.


These pests have a formidable appearance with their distinct pincers. Earwigs are long and black. They look like a cross between a beetle and a large ant. Although you will usually see them outdoors in the summer, they may wander into your home. If you have plants in your home, earwigs may ruin them. They wreak havoc on gardens when there are large colonies of them, and they are also known for destroying seedlings. An earwig may pinch your finger if you agitate it. However, they are not poisonous, aggressive or dangerous. When you start noticing seedlings that disappear or plants that are chewed, earwigs may be the culprits.


These little pests are a light shiny silver color and are shaped similar to fish. They have long tentacles and move quickly. Since silverfish thrive in moist environments, you will usually see them in bathtubs or sinks. However, you may see them in bedrooms or on furniture. While these frightening pests are not toxic and will not bite humans, they will destroy many things in your home. Silverfish are known to gnaw clothing, books, magazines, furniture, curtains, wallpaper and even your important documents that are not stored properly.


Many people confuse centipedes with millipedes. To distinguish them, remember that centipedes have long visible legs. These pests can move quickly and may be an inch or longer in size. They are usually light tan to reddish-brown in color. Centipedes are venomous predators that prey on insects. Their venom is not fatal and is not medically significant. When centipedes bite, the affected area is usually painful for at least a few hours. If a child with insect allergies is bitten, he or she should be carefully monitored for an allergic reaction.

How To Keep Occasional Invaders Away

To keep these pests away, simply eliminate what attracts them. Caulk all cracks in your bathroom and kitchen around water fixtures. If your home is humid, run a dehumidifier. Centipedes are after insects, which means that their presence indicates another underlying pest problem in your home. Eliminating insects and spiders from your home will discourage centipedes. Keep a space between your home and any mulch or plants to discourage earwigs from entering your home. For any pest problem, call My Pest Pros for a free quote. We can remove infestations from your home and help you keep outdoor insect populations under control.