According to the Humane Society, American boasts over 163 million pet dogs and cats. Of those pet owners, 63.2% consider their pets as family members. Although protecting our homes, family members, and friends from harm is a top reason to practice good ant control, protecting our pets runs a close second.

No matter how careful we are to protect our pets from danger and distress, accidents do sometimes happen. If one of your furry friends suffers an ant attack, there are specific steps that you should take to help bring relief--especially in the event of fire ant bites.

If your pet has been bitten by fire ants, the first step is to move your pet away from the source of the ants. While using a towel or wearing gloves, quickly brush the ants from your pet's body, using brisk strokes.

Pet owners should never use water or a hose because it causes the ants to clamp down in response.  Focus on the face, paws, legs and belly first as these are the areas that will most likely sustain bites and stings (Gusto Dogs).

Once the immediate threat has been neutralized, you can concentrate on washing the bites and applying a pain-neutralizer. Please consult your local vet for suggestions for good topical ointments.

Of course, the best way to ensure that your pet is safe from fire ant bites is to have your yard treated by pest control professionals. These men and women know the best ways to combat every type of ant--including those pesky fire ants.