Restaurant Pest Control
Flies in restaurants can spread diseases.

Restaurant pest control is often overlooked  issue. Yet pests, especially in food service business, can mean the difference between being in business or out of business. Consequences can include health department fines, negative online reviews, and food safety issues. Pest in restaurants and food processing facilities can lead to food contamination and the spread of numerous illnesses.

A strong pest control program for restaurants can help protect your business' health as well as  the health of your customers and staff. Rodents, rodent droppings, roaches as well as flies can lead to illnesses including the spread of salmonella, listeria and Staphylococcus aureus.

A successful food industry pest program begins with a strong partnership between restaurant owners and staff and their pest management professionals. Communication is the lynchpin of this relationship. Restaurant staff needs to communicate with their pest technicians about pest activity. Just expecting a pest control company to come in and "spray everything" will not solve problems.

Conversely, a good pest control technician keeps clients informed about findings and adverse conditions that may lead to pest problems. Pest companies such as My Pest Pros provides detailed reports to clients about pest activity, treatment locations, and issue such as poor cleaning, physical problems that can encourage pest activity, and recommend actions to prevent or eliminate matters.

Just as with health care or auto and home maintenance, a good restaurant pest control program is proactive and begins when there are no known pest problems. Routine pest maintenance is critical to prevent pest issues in food service locations. It can also help catch issues that arise early before they become a bigger problem or infestation that can result in serious consequences such as closure.

In addition to proactive and preventative care, pest companies like My Pest Pros can quickly and effectively target sudden pest problems. Professional pest companies such as My Pest Pros use the latest technology and techniques and are up to date on the latest product advances instead of using old, ineffective products that can lead to pest resistance. We can also educate restaurant staff to identify pests and problem conditions.

The bottom line is a good pest program is a lot cheaper than lost business or damage to your reputation from a failed health inspection!

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