When the Halloween season comes around, you begin to see fake bugs and other frightening things in stores that can be used for decorations inside and outside the home. There are a few frightening pests that you want to keep your eye on if you live in the northern areas of Virginia and Washington D.C. that not only look scary but that have the potential to make you very sick as well.

There are about 39 types of spiders listed in the Virginia database. Most of them are common household spiders that keep insects away. However, there are a few that are large in size, that have scary features and that appear as though they could carry something or someone off with their legs. The black widow is the most common venomous spider in the state. It is black in color and has a small red hourglass shape on its stomach. The female is the one that has the hourglass figure, making it a frightening pest that is easy to spot. The male usually has different colors and designs in various areas of the body. Another thing to keep in mind about the black widow is that the female is the only one that is poisonous to humans. The webs of these spiders are uneven and often look like a tangled mess. They are often spun in the dark. Egg sacs are often quite large and are usually found in damp and dark areas, like basements or crawl spaces. While these spiders usually stay outdoors, it's possible for them to get inside the house if you don't let a company like MyPest Pros treat the exterior of the home.

The brown recluse is another common spider in the area. There are marks on the body of the spider that look like a fiddle. This is a pest that you want to stay away from as the bite can lead to deterioration of the tissue. You will usually see the skin turn dark in color as the tissue begins to die. If you have been bitten by this kind of spider, you need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. The spider likes to hide in dark places, such as underneath logs outside or in the hollow of a tree. Sometimes, these spiders will hide behind boxes in the home or behind furniture that usually isn't moved around. Similar to the brown recluse, the yellow sac spider also lives in dark places. The spider is yellow with a darker stripe down the abdomen. While the bite is painful, the recovery and damage aren't as severe as that seen from a brown recluse.

A wolf spider can also be seen in Virginia. This is the largest kind of spider found in North America and can sometimes grow to three inches wide. They pounce on their prey like a wolf after stalking it during the day. They like to go inside homes and buildings during mating season. Bed bugs are common pests for many hotels and even homes. They can be treated with products that are sprayed by pest control companies like MyPest Pros. It's important to get this kind of pest under control as they can bite the skin and leave small red marks.

Fleas and cockroaches are also known pests in Virginia. When you see any kind of infestation of these pests, you need to contact a company that can come treat the home for them because they can multiply rapidly. One of the pests that has a frightening look is the silverfish. It doesn't look like the pretty fish that you might see in an aquarium. Instead, it's a small silver insect that slithers along the floor or the wall. They enjoy hiding behind refrigerators and washing machines as well as other areas of the home where there is moisture. Similar to a silverfish is the earwig. It has what looks like pincers at the back of the body and comes out at night so that they can find food.

Whether it's a large spider or a small flea, contact MyPest Pros so that a professional can come to the home to treat the area outside and inside the house. Sometimes, multiple visits need to be made in order to completely rid the area of the pests.