Spiders in house

Spiders are commonly found in basements because they are dark and there are often many untidy places for them to hide. Spider traps, commercial insecticides, and homemade spider sprays can help eliminate spiders.

In this article, we will review how to eliminate and prevent spiders from nesting. We will also look at whether or not the spiders in your home are harmful. We will also discuss how to eliminate the spiders in your basement.

How Do I Prevent Spiders in My Home?

Spiders often set up shop in dirty forgotten corners of the basement. Make sure to keep your basement clean. This will also help you detect and get rid of spiders before they establish a home. Don’t stack wood in your basement since spiders might hitch a ride inside and utilize the spaces in between logs to make their home.

Spiders do not like eucalyptus, citrus, or peppermint. Spraying these oils around your basement will discourage spiders from nesting there. Diatomaceous earth has also been proven to be an effective way to keep spiders away since the powdery substance is fatal to them. Dewebbing and knocking down webs can also help deter spiders.

Are the Spiders in the Basement Harmful?

Some spiders are harmless, while others can be very dangerous. American house spiders, jumping spiders, hobo spiders, and long-bodied cellar spiders are all very common to find in basements and while some of them may bite, none of them are considered venomous.

On the other hand, two of the deadliest spiders in North America that can be found almost anywhere in the United States also like to make their homes in basements. Brown recluse and black widow spiders are common basement dwellers, and these spider bites can prove fatal if untreated.

If you have a spider infestation and you suspect or even aren’t sure if the spiders are poisonous, it’s best to play it safe and call in a professional to eliminate the arachnids.

What Is the Best Way to Get Rid of the Spiders in the Basement?

Spider traps are very effective at eliminating spiders. The most common are glue traps in which the spider crawls over the trap and becomes stuck. Ultrasonic traps sold to protect against spiders and other bugs that might seek to inhabit your home are not effective.

Spraying any spiders or webs with peppermint oil or citrus oil can effectively kill most spiders. A safer alternative is to call My Pest Pros, your local pest control company, to take care of the extermination. Our spider experts have the training and products to effectively eliminate all kinds of spiders and, and protect your family and home.


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