According to the National Pest Management Association, termites cause more than $6 billion worth of damage annually in the United States – and things are only getting worse.

Your home is far more likely to be devastated by termites than it is to be damaged by fire and flooding, and even if your home is made of modern construction materials, brick, or stone there are still plenty of places for termites in your house to find wooded materials to eat and destroy from the inside out.

Sadly, the overwhelming majority of termite damage typically is NOT protected by homeowners insurance, either. This means that if you’re devastated by termite damage you might end up paying thousands and thousands of dollars out of pocket in repairs and pest removal.

Wood damaged by termites
Termite damaged wood

Thankfully though, getting rid of termites after you have discovered them is a lot easier than most people make it out to be. Home treatment for termites is pretty routine for top-rated termite control companies such as My Pest Pros. Obviously, you want to move as quickly as possible to stop termites from continuing their path of destruction throughout your property – and once you notice termite damage, it’s time to bring in the experts! However, whether you want to prevent termites in house or get rid of termites in the walls, it all starts with recognizing the signs of termites.

Are Termites Destroying Your Home?

Here’s how to know termites are destroying your home.

There are plenty of ways to determine whether or not termites are ripping through your property, but the most common signs of termites in your walls include:

  • Tiny little holes in wooden construction materials, furniture, door jams, etc. Most of the damage done by termites is from the inside so signs won’t be all that obvious at first, but you’ll feel the hollowness of the wood, and empty layers, and will then begin to nurse more obvious signs of damage.
  • Little piles of what looks like tiny grains of sand are more than likely termite fecal pellets, obvious signs of termite damage
  • Mud tubes running along your walls, baseboards, or in nooks and crannies throughout your home show subterranean termites are around
  • Spongy floorboards should sound a termite alarm, too
  • Windows and doors that stick when they didn’t stick previously are obvious signs of termite damage as well, as termites will compromise the structure of these wooden building components and change the way they sit in the framing

What To Do If You Have Termites Problem

The most important thing you can do to banish termites from your home once and for all is to work only with a professional exterminator. Termite control exterminators have the training and tools to identify the signs of termites in your house, detect termites in your walls, find conducive conditions for termites, and provide home treatments for termites to keep them from coming back.

Sentricon eliminate termites


Sentricon Termite Elimination System

Obviously, you want to be sure that the professional exterminators you’re working with use not only the most effective products, but the most environmentally friendly and safest products. You want to be sure that your exterminators are using Sentricon, a fantastic environmentally friendly – as well as human and pet-friendly

– termite solution that effectively eliminates termite colonies.

On top of that, Sentricon works as a termite preventative, essentially creating a protective barrier around your property for years and years to come that will stop termites dead in their tracks. You won’t have to worry about rain or inclement weather washing Sentricon away, either. Sentricon can even be installed around gardens and homes on wells to protect around the clock, every day of the year, for years to come.

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