To live a better quality of life, public health officials have found out the three things we have to focus on today: better sanitation, better medicine and vaccines, and better pest control. There is a reason why it has been included in such valuable ranks.

Pests come in a wide variety – rats, roaches, flies, and basically anything that plagues your home or property and destroys your daily life. Not only do they prove to be a disease to your environment, their presence could also put your life at risk to so many possible diseases.

For one, there are about 45,000 people every year that are bitten by rats. The virus that you get from that bite alone can cause you your death. They transmit different kinds of disease organisms, such as salmonella, rat bite fever, trichinosis, salmonella, murine typhus or the plague. Their urine can cause you a very life-threatening disease known as the famous leptospirosis. Now they don’t just endanger your health; they also endanger your property, as well. They can cause your house to burn in flames just by munching on your electrical wires at home. Just when you thought they have already made your life a living hell, they are so capable of doing that.

On the other hand, stinging insects have been a disaster to more than two million people who are allergic to it in the US. The American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology stated that more than a whopping 500,000 are admitted to emergency rooms each year because of insect stings and 40 to 150 people each year lose their lives due to these insect stings. It’s a wonder how a single sting of a tiny insect can cause you your life.

That’s how pest control is an essential in our personal lives and our community. Without proper pest control and management practices, a variety of pests could annihilate more than half of our total food crops – which leaves us less food resources. What’s worse is that the US’ disposable income spent on food only averages to about 11 percent, compared to the Japan’s 19.9 percent and China’s incredible 52.6 percent.

A recent consumer survey has found out that 93% of people find insects in their home and has expressed concern about it. It is a common fear that haunts ever family and disrupts their lifestyle. A lot of children are allergic to cockroaches. They have affected children in Atlanta with runny noses and chronic wheezing. These allergens, the cockroaches, may even cause these children to have difficulty breathing because of severe allergic reactions.

You can prevent all of these from happening. The numbers are alarmingly increasing by the minute. Don’t let your family become one of these numbers. Find a reliable company who can cater to your needs on pest control. Now is the time to keep you and your family safe. You don’t need pests in your life. It is time to put a stop on them. As they say, pest control is one of the keys to a good quality of life.