When in the market for a new home, most of us have our checklists: we want something with a good roof, a big back yard, a pool, or a wrap-around front porch where we can kick back at the end of a long day and sip a relaxing beverage as we watch the sun set.

No matter what your dream home may look like, you almost certainly want to make sure that you won't be subject to some sort of infestation as soon as you move in. To that end, there are three pest control issues that every potential homeowner should be alert to spot.

Three Pest Control Issues to Look for When House Hunting:

Droppings.Darker and somewhat larger than dust mites, insect droppings inside cabinets or drawers are a sure sign that some sort of many-legged creature has made its home in your potential home.

Dead bugs.Dead carcasses of particular insects lining windowsills or floorboards are hints of more livelier companions nearby. Although one or two might just be an unfortunate coincidence, multiple dead bodies of the same insect makes for evidence that should not be ignored.

Droning sounds.Be sure to stand very still and wait, listening for odd buzzings, tappings, and droning sounds. Although many houses are guilty of producingodd sounds from time to time (especially older homes), persistent buzzing and droning should be investigated.

In the end, one of the wisest choices that a potential homeowner can make is to bring in a pest control professional early in the process, asking for a complete assessment. Such an investment can eliminate risk and keep you from making a potentially-costly purchase.