Nobody wants to share a home with pests, but these invaders will not waste much time when it comes to inviting themselves onto your property. One of the best things that you can do to protect yourself is to understand the pests with which you are dealing and their pot of gold. In other words, you need to know the things for which the pests are looking so that you can remove them, reducing your odds of being targeted. Learning about the steps to take and sticking to your plan will work wonders when it comes to avoiding trouble, but finding a clover or two won't hurt.


If you have recently spotted a single ant walking across the floor, a lot more are likely to follow soon. After finding a source of food, ants will create a trail that leads back to the colony, and sugar, candy and fruit drinks are just a few of the things for which an ant will look. Anything that tastes sweet will appeal to them, and it won't take them long to make their move. In a single file line, the ants will work together to bring as much of the treasure as they can back to their home.


Roaches will usually spend their time in the dark places of a home, and if you see them during the day, the problem is likely much worse than you would suspect. When it comes to pots of gold, roaches love areas that have a lot of moisture, and leaky pipes are ideal for the unwelcome guests. Because they will eat almost anything, foods that have a strong smell can draw roaches into your home, and once they get inside, they will get into your cabinets, walls and any unsealed bags of food. Even though noticing roaches is enough to cause anyone to feel uncomfortable, staying calm is vital.

Protecting Yourself

Cleaning up spills, fixing leaky pipes and putting your food in sealable bags are some of the top ways to protect yourself from pests. By removing the pot of gold, you will no longer be a target. Take some time each day to walk around your home and address anything that might draw unwanted attention, and you will be on the right path.

My Pest Pros

Rather than relying on luck alone, you must always be proactive when you want to keep pests away from you and your home or business. No matter how hard you try, you won't always be able to discourage roaches, ants and other pests from working their way inside. The good news is that you can count on My Pest Pros to get the problem under control, and we will quickly send an expert to your location.