Dealing with pesky mosquitoes is never fun for anybody, but it seems as though certain people attract them more than others. Why is this? Our grandmothers would say that it was because we were such sweethearts, but unfortunately that is just not always the case. It turns out that mosquitoes are in fact attracted to certain types of things and people, though the reasons for this attraction are quite a bit more scientific than what granny might have thought.

Perhaps that is why so many people in Fairfax, VA are seeking the best mosquito control Northern Virginia has to offer. Before you search for a solution, think about the following factors. Check to see if you are not the reason for that mosquito problem in the first place.

Attraction Factor #1. Blood Type

Ok, so we all know how mosquitoes love to suck on our blood. However, a lot of people do not take into consideration how the average mosquito likes to eat. They are discerning diners just like you are, which means that they go commonly after certain people with specific blood types. People in with Type O blood seem to be much tastier to mosquitoes than others, making the need for the best mosquito control Northern Virginia has to offer somewhat of a necessity for certain folks. Find out what your blood type is before you start believing that you are the sweetest person around the campfire.

Attraction Factor #2. Composition of your Breath

Mosquitoes are notorious for seeking out carbon dioxide. This is one of the main reasons why you will find such high numbers of them in the wooded areas around Fairfax, VA. These picky and pesky pests locate their next meal from hundreds of feet away, taking in the chemicals contained within your breath as a sign of food. As a result, those who breathe heavier or expel more carbon dioxide when they exhale will always be prone to more mosquito bites than those who do not. This can typically be seen in the way small or inactive children typically get bitten far fewer times than their adult counterparts. However, it should be noted that carbon dioxide is just one of the many things that a mosquito can sense.

Attraction Factor #3. Genetic Influences

The best mosquito control Northern Virginia features will understand how to use creative ways to fight against the complexities of mosquito attraction, including the consideration of certain genetic factors which most commonly draw in the pests in the first place. It turns out that mosquito bite victims who are covered in sweat or who have higher average body temperatures were pretty much asking for it. Mosquitoes can sense things like lactic acid, uric acid, and ammonia – all substances that are controlled by genetic factors. In other words, some people are just more appetizing to mosquitoes than others and there is little than can be done about it outside of hiring a professional exterminator to help.

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