Pest Guide : What Is a Cricket?

What You Need to Know About Crickets

There is nothing quite like enjoying a relaxing afternoon to the sound of crickets in the background. Although crickets in the distance may be relaxing, the opposite is true if they are invading your home and property.

There are about 900 species of crickets, each of them belonging to the superfamily Gryllidae. Crickets have been the stuff of folklore, legend, and even animation because of their beautiful symphonies that occur around nighttime.

Because of their small size, crickets quickly invade properties and homes. Although they are generally a nuisance pest, these insects can also bring diseases and painful bites. It’s important to deal with cricket infestations right away as a result.

Our skilled exterminators know exactly how to locate crickets, identify possible causes for the infestation, and exterminate the problem right away. If you have a cricket problem outside or inside your home, contact our professionals today for quick, safe, and effective extermination.

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How to Identify a Cricket Infestation

What you need to know about crickets in your home

Cave or Camel Cricket on a log

Crickets are true insects, which means they have an exoskeleton around their body. The exoskeleton is essentially a tough outer casing, almost like a shell. The body of the cricket is primarily flat, and it is light brown to dark brown, depending on the species. The antenna is very long.

The easiest way to identify crickets is by looking at their legs. Its legs are long, which allows them to jump great distances and even communicate.

In fact, it is the legs that make the distinct chirping sound. However, only male crickets can chirp. The males chirp by rubbing their hind legs on their forewing, which has anywhere from 50 to 30 ribs on it. This creates that distinctive chirping sound that people associate with crickets.


Common Questions About Crickets

Crickets normally invade homes in search of shelter. Whenever winter starts to set in, the crickets will try to move indoors to find warmth, shelter, food, and moisture. More than likely, your home has all four of these things, making your home a perfect location for crickets.

Food is especially prevalent within most human homes for crickets. Crickets are scavengers, which means they will eat a variety of organic materials, such as small seedlings and decaying matter. They often eat fabric, clothing, curtains, furniture coverings, and sometimes wallpaper.

Likewise, your home provides plenty of warmth, shelter, and moisture. Bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and other similar areas are often a favorite among crickets due to the excess moisture that builds up in these areas.

Crickets are dangerous to humans to some degree. The species can bite, but the cricket mouthpart is normally not effective enough to puncture the skin. Furthermore, crickets carry diseases through their bite, contact, or feces. These diseases can cause painful sores, but they are not fatal.

Getting rid of crickets is a task that is normally separated into two parts. First, it’s important to handle the cricket infestation outside of your home. Most inside infestations occur whenever outside crickets try to make their way inside. As such, the outside of your home has to be tackled first.

After that, the crickets need to be tackled on the inside of your home. The good news is that tackling inside crickets happens to be a lot easier than getting rid of crickets on the outside.

Our team members will work tirelessly to create a customized plan for you and your cricket infestation. Our professionals will seek out possible sources of the infestation and provide a solution that matches your home’s specific needs.

All products used by our team members are both effective and safe. Any products used are registered by the EPA for pest control use. Furthermore, our professionals know how to apply products in such a way so they’re not a harm to you, your family, or your pets.

If you have a cricket infestation, it’s best to contact our professional team right away. We will be at your location as soon as possible to deal with the problem quickly and efficiently.

Although you may be tempted to try at-home methods for getting rid of a cricket infestation, most DIY methods are ineffective. This is especially true for outside cricket infestations. The best way to get rid of crickets once and for all is to trust our experienced team to do it for you.

Tips for Preventing Crickets

  • Prepare your home and prevent them from coming inside.
  • Check for cracks around your basement, windows, and siding.
  • Seal cracks and crevices with concrete or weather resistant caulks.
  • Eliminate clutter in basements and garages.
  • Trim weeds and other foliage away from the exterior of the home.

How My Pest Pros Helps Eliminate Crickets

My Pest Pros has been protecting homes and businesses from crickets for over a decade. Our Pest Pros are trained on the best products and procedures for cricket control, prevention, and protection. We use effective methods in Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland.

Many products will eliminate the problem but not the source of the problem. Our trained professionals deal with various cricket infestations. Their experience and expertise allow them to form an effective treatment plan. Our professional team not only eradicates current problems but also provides preventative care. With our protection plan, the tiny household invaders will be eradicated both now and in the future with regular treatment visits. These visits are effective at treating and preventing ant infestations.

For ultimate protection, our professionals will work with you to find a customized solution for your cricket problem, today and tomorrow.

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