Pest Guide: Earwigs

Why Are Earwigs in My Home?

Earwigs, known by their pincer-like rear appendage, can infest your home for various reasons. If you have a well-watered garden with abundant foliage, it will give earwigs plenty of food. They may have hitched a ride indoors when you brought in plants from outside. Inclement weather may have also driven them inside your home as they sought shelter. Indoor leakages can keep earwigs around once they arrive, as they enjoy moist, damp environments.

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What Do Earwigs Like to Eat?


Earwigs eat rotting wood, plant matter, fruit, and leaves. They also eat small bugs, such as mites and sometimes even lichens. Earwigs are fairly hardy and eat a wide range of items, making them easy to establish themselves in your home. If a leak impacts a corner of your home, it could burrow into the wood if it starts to rot.


Common Questions About Earwigs

It's best to call a professional to remove earwigs if you find any. While some homeowners might think earwigs can be beneficial, as they eat pest eggs and don't destroy property, they can still leave droppings around your home. They may also indicate another infestation, as another insect could have entered your home the same way they did.

Earwigs are harmless despite their appearance. Their rear pincher rarely, if ever, can break human skin. Earwigs also aren't known to transmit any diseases or parasites to humans. They may emit a foul odor when crushed, but this, too, is harmless. Earwigs are also not aggressive and run if they feel threatened.

Earwigs are especially attracted to damp newspapers and cardboard. If you have a basement with old newspapers or boxes, it might be time to clean them out. Clearing vegetation around your home and rain gutters can also help prevent earwigs from establishing themselves.

Tips for Preventing Earwigs

  • Remove moisture sources in and around your home.
  • Regularly clean your home, including vacuuming and sweeping, to remove any crumbs or other debris that could attract earwigs.
  • Seal any cracks or crevices in your home's foundation, doors, and windows where earwigs may be entering.

How My Pest Pros Helps Eliminate Earwigs

We know Earwigs are a nuisance. Our trained technicians have a lot of experience in effectively treating homes and businesses to get rid of these pests. We will work with you and use EPA-approved products to protect your family and home.

For ultimate protection, our professionals will work with you to find a customized solution for all your pests problems, today and tomorrow.

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