Pest Guide: What to Know About Flies

Why Do I Have Flies: Common Food Sources

Flies are attracted to any source of food available to them. No matter how well you keep your home clean, flies may still find something to eat. However, these are some of the most common food sources for flies that you can work to remove from your home:

  • Open Garbage: Flies love garbage; open containers give them an easy way to access the food you throw out.
  • Dead animals and bugs: An animal that dies inside your roof or wall can provide food to flies if it isn’t removed. If your home is otherwise clean, you may want to check for carcasses in any spaces between your roof, walls, or under your house.
  • Food: Flies love fresh food as well as dead, decaying matter. Flies can eat fruit you may have left out to ripen.
  • Sink and Drain Scum: If you have flies in your bathroom and aren’t sure where they’re coming from, they could be living and feeding in your drains. The mold and scum in your drains can offer a food source to flies that must be removed.
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Why Do I Keep Getting Fly Infestation?


Fly infestations can be seasonal, meaning you can get repeated infestations in your home. Your home may have gaps in its envelope that let flies in from outside. Additionally, if any food sources near your home, such as garbage cans or suitable habitats, like moist, overwatered bushes, flies can move into your home year after year. A professional exterminator can advise you on how to deal with recurrent fly infestations.


Common Questions About Flies

Flies can be dangerous to humans and pets, as they can transmit diseases. They can leave hazardous bacteria on your skin, food, and surfaces around your home. If left unchecked, flies can cause food poisoning and even spread dysentery.

Flies can establish themselves on many different food sources in your home. If they get into your drains, removing them can be especially hard. An exterminator can help to remove food sources and kill any eggs they may have laid.

Pets can harm pets just as they are to humans and, in some cases, potentially worse. Flies can transmit diseases to pets by laying eggs on their skin or food. Flies can also lay eggs on your pet, leading to flystrike, during which maggots eat their skin.

Tips for Preventing Flies

  • Wipe up crumbs and spills immediately.
  • Remove garbage from home frequently.
  • Store food in airtight containers.
  • Put away food—including any uneaten pet food.

How My Pest Pros Helps Eliminate Flies

Preventing flies can be a difficult task. Our professionals will ensure that your fly infestation is gone once and for all. By calling our team, you know that your pest problem will be solved in no time. We will visit your location to determine species, breeding area, and food source to ensure all aspects of the infestation are covered.

To ensure efficient extermination, our professionals are expertly trained in applying EPA-registered products for pest control use. Our technicians will apply the products in such a way to eliminate the pest issues while protecting your children and pets.

With over a decade of experience, My Pest Pros knows what it takes for effective fly control comes to flies control in Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland. With our protection plan, these annoying  invaders will be eradicated both now and in the future with regular treatment visits. These visits are effective at treating and preventing flies infestations.

For ultimate protection, our professionals will work with you to find a customized solution for your flies problem, today and tomorrow.

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