Pest Guide : What Is a Mouse?

What You Need to Know About Mice

Almost everyone knows what a mouse is – a small rodent species. There are hundreds of mice species in North America, with the most popular being the House Mouse. Mice can spread diseases to people and animals, and they can damage property in the meantime. To keep your family and home safe, contact our professionals to exterminate any mice infestations.

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How to Identify a Mouse Infestation

The House Mouse and Field Mouse are Common Invaders

Mouse in house chewing wire

Mice are relatively easy to identify. The House Mouse is about 5.5 to 7 inches long, including the tail. They have front incisors that grow continuously, which is why mice need to continually chew on objects. They have rounded ears, a scaly tail, and a pointed nose. The fur comes in various colors, including grayish brown and black. Most often, the belly is lighter colored, such as tan or off white.


Common Questions About Mice

Mice are attracted to homes that provide them easy access to shelter, food, and water. Often, mice will first find a home due to outside food sources, including compost piles, bird feeders, and garbage cans. Once outside the home, mice will try to find a way inside through cracks and crevices.

After the mice have entered into your home, they often hide behind large appliances or in dark areas, such as crawlspaces, attics, or cabinets.

Mice are absolutely dangerous to your family, pets, and property. They spread diseases, including dysentery, salmonella, and leptospirosis. They can even introduce parasites, including mites, fleas, and ticks. While scavenging, they can contaminate your food sources and water, leading to further illness.

At the same time, they cause a lot of structural damage to homes and belongings. Because they have a constant need to chew, they will chew through practically everything. Mice and rats have caused fires and deaths by chewing threw wires.

Because mice are nocturnal and shy, it can be difficult to locate and exterminate these creatures. Many homeowners find that setting traps and using store-bought baits are not effective for them. Not properly setting traps and placing baits can also lead to safety issues for children and pets. Ineffective treatments can allow a mouse problem to become a mouse infestation. Expertly trained professionals are recommended to effectively remove mice infestations from the home as a result.

There are dozens of DIY mouse extermination options on the market. Although some of these DIY methods are effective for one mouse or two, they are seriously lacking when dealing with a full-blown mouse infestation. Plus, many of these DIY methods are dangerous to use around your home if you do not know how to apply them effectively.

For these reasons, you should not try to get rid of mice yourself. Instead, trust professionals who know what they are doing so that your mouse infestation gets handled safely and effectively.

Mice can be difficult to prevent since they are frequently outside and can fit through the smallest of spaces. However, there are some things you can do to prevent them from infiltrating your home.

Most importantly, seal up any cracks or crevices near the home’s exterior. Doing so will prevent them from getting inside your house.

Additionally, keep the exterior home clean. Make sure to place all compost piles, wood piles, and garbage cans away from the home so the mice aren’t tempted to come inside. Furthermore, maintain your lawn and place bird seed at distance away from your home so mice don’t find a way inside.

Lastly, keep the inside of your home clean. Clean up any waste and store all food in airtight containers. Additionally, try to minimize clutter in basements, attics, closets, and other areas where mice frequent.

Tips for Preventing Mice

  • Wipe up crumbs and spills immediately.
  • Inspect and seal gaps on the exterior and interior of your home.
  • Remove garbage from home frequently.
  • Store food in airtight containers.
  • Keep garage and other doors closed.
  • Seal gaps around your garage doors.
  • Mow the lawn and trim trees around the house.
  • Keep foundation, mortar, and weather-protective measures up to date and repaired.

How My Pest Pros Helps Eliminate Mice

My Pest Pros is an award-winning team with the experience dealing with some of the worst mouse infestations you can imagine. Our team of skilled professionals knows how to locate mice and exterminate them properly. We use EPA-registered products for pest control purposes, ensuring that our products are the most effective and safest for you and your family. For extra safety, our technicians are expertly trained in applying the products in such a way to protect your pets and children.

Because of how dangerous mice are in the home, our team will be at your location as soon as possible. It’s our goal to be at the property as soon as the same day or the next to effectively rid your home of mice as soon as we can.

With our protection plans, the tiny household invaders will be eradicated both now and in the future with regular treatment visits. These visits are effective at treating and preventing mouse infestations.

For ultimate protection, our professionals will work with you to find a customized solution for your mice problems, today and tomorrow.

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