Pest Guide : What Is Stink Bug?

What You Need to Know About Stink Bugs

Stink Bugs are common and easily recognizable pests. Even though they aren’t harmful, they can cause a lot of problems inside your house. Contact our team to get rid of stink Bugs before they grow into a full infestation in your home.

Stink bugs are usually most visible in the fall and spring. In the fall, they are trying to get into your home. If you're seeing stink bugs in the spring, it's because they are likely coming out from overwintering in your home. You may see them on a warm winter day or if the heat is on as they come out of the attic and other secluded areas where they are living in your home.

If you are struggling with a stink bug problem around your home, it’s best to call the leave the extermination to the professionals at My Pest Pros.

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How to Identify a Stink Bug Infestation

Stink bugs are common 'invaders' during the fall and spring

Stink bug from side

Stink Bugs are triangular in shape and are sometimes called Shield Bugs as a result. The adults are about 17 millimeters long, making them slightly smaller than one inch. They are the same width as they are long.

Stink Bugs are named after glands that are located on their thorax. These glands can emit a strong odor in order to deter predators.


Common Questions About Stink Bugs

Stink Bugs are a nuisance that normally enter homes whenever they are looking for plants and fruits to feed on. They sneak in through the cracks, such as crevices around windows, doors, baseboards, exhaust fans, and lights.

Stink Bugs are not dangerous, but they are a nuisance and often scary to people. Their smell is quite offensive, and they can reproduce quickly, leading to full-blown infestations.

Getting rid of Stink Bugs and preventing them is difficult because they can get in through the tiniest of cracks. By trusting professionals to get the job done for you, you can get rid of Stink Bugs without offending your nostrils.

Although there are DIY Stink Bug product on the market, many homeowners find it a time-consuming process. Good sealing and exclusion is often the best approach by homeowners to control stink bugs on their own.

Tips for Preventing Stink Bugs

  • Make sure all cracks and crevices are sealed up.
  • Seek out any potential entry points along windows, doors, and wall mounted fans or chimneys.
  • Professional treatments in the fall can help keep Stink Bugs out of your home.

How My Pest Pros Helps Eliminate Stink Bugs


Our team is expertly trained in identifying the causes of Stink Bugs and getting rid of them. We always use EPA-registered products to ensure efficiency and safety. To keep your children and pets safe during the extermination process, our technicians are trained in applying these products in such a way that only the Stink Bugs are affected.

With over ten years of experience in this industry, we know what it takes when it comes to Stink Bug control, prevention, and protection in Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland.

For ultimate protection, our professionals will work with you to find a customized solution for your Stink Bug problem, today and tomorrow.

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