Pest Guide : What are Termites?

What You Need to Know About Termites

Termites are a serious problem that can damage the foundation of your home. Although there are thousands of termite species around the globe, only 10% of them caused damage to homes. If you have termites on your property, contact our team right away so we can protect your home from these damaging creatures.

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How to Identify a Termite Infestation

Subterranean termites are around all homes in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.

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Subterranean Termites are most common in our area. They are foraging insects that eat cellulose debris, which is mainly found in soil, wood, leaf litter, and dung.

These creatures are highly social and live in large colonies within the soil. Their community has tiered divisions of labor, including workers, soldiers, and reproductives. All of these castes look different.

The workers are creamy and rarely seen unless you open up their home. The workers feed on wood and are exclusively responsible for finding food. The workers are also responsible for sharing food and maintaining their tunneling system. Workers only live for about five years.

Soldiers are responsible for protecting the colony. Their heads are elongated and yellow. They depend on the workers to bring food, and they protect the colony in exchange. If you break open their colony, you’re first going to see the soldiers defending their home.

Reproductives can be separated into two categories: kings and queens and supplementary reproductives. The kings and queens are responsible for reproducing. A single queen will lay eggs throughout her entire life and live 10 or more years. Kings and queens are dark brown or black and anywhere from 3/8 to 1/2 end of an inch long. They have two pairs of wings that are translucent and break off after short swarming. Secondary reproductives are there in case the kings or queens die off or unable to reproduce. They are larger than workers, light in color, but they never develop wings.

How to Subterranean Termites Create Colonies?

All Subterranean Termites live for the colony. Paired kings and queens will try to find moist soil and excavate a small chamber to start the colony. Queen will begin laying one batch of eggs within a few days of mating. Within two weeks, the paired royalty will hatch a brood. This process of reproduction happens constantly until there are thousands of workers, which only takes weeks.

During the spring, the established colonies will release swarms. The swarms include emerging reproductives so they can start new colonies. Often, swarming occurs after a termite treatment has taken place. The winged termites will look for light. Once they find a place, their wings will break off and the process will start all over again.


Common Questions About Termites

Termites may be attracted to your home if you have a lot of wood debris, fallen timber, or plant material around your house. Often, Subterranean Termites specifically burrow underneath mulch in gardens. Termites outside of your home are not a problem, but they can become a problem if they get too close to your home and begin to eat away at your home’s foundation.

Oftentimes, termites can find their way inside by tiny cracks in your home’s exterior. This especially happens when mulch and timber are found in close proximity to your home’s exterior.

While Termites are not dangerous to humans, they are dangerous to your home or any structure. They can cause structural damage to your home while eating wood. Termites cause more than $5 billion in damage each year in the U.S. Termite damage is rarely covered by homeowners' insurance. Structures weakened by termites can create unsafe conditions.

Getting rid of termites is difficult but a necessary task. Contact our team immediately upon spotting Subterranean Termites to ensure your home is safe and sound.

Do not try DIY methods for getting rid of termites. Because termites create such intricate systems, it’s impossible for untrained individuals to know all of their passageways and treat them accordingly. Not to mention, most DIY methods will kill the adults, but they don’t do anything to prevent future growth. If you try to get rid of termites yourself, you will likely fail, putting your family and home at risk.

Instead of waiting for termites to come to you, protect your home by preventing termites. Make your home as unhospitable determined as possible by keeping pooling water cleaned up. Additionally, clean up any excess wood around your home, including firewood, mulch, tree stumps, and pressure-treated wood.

Removing the wood is not enough. Make sure that all root systems are cleaned up too because leaving the roots to decay will be a source for termites.

As soon as you spot a few termites, make sure to contact professionals right away. The species spreads rapidly. Their numbers can multiply by a few to hundreds in just a few days. Contact our team for regular inspections and appropriate treatments to ensure termite populations are kept away.

Tips for Preventing Termites

  • Protect exterior wood surfaces with paint or stain.
  • Make sure water drains away from the structure.
  • Annual termite inspections and protection with Sentricon is very effective to protect your home.
  • Store firewood at least 20 feet from structures.
  • Use hardwood mulches or rocks around your home.
  • Keep mulch or dirt from touching wood such as the bottom of siding.

How My Pest Pros Helps Eliminate Termites

Only Trust Professionals for Termite Protection

Ensure that your home is protected from subterranean termites by contacting a professional exterminator such as My Pest Pros. We understand the intricate nesting, tunneling, and pheromone trails that subterranean termites rely on. Our knowledge will allow us to create a customized treatment plan that rids you of your Subterranean Termites once and for all.

For the extermination process, we use EPA-registered products for pest control use. These products are effective, and our team is trained in applying the products so that only the termites are harmed. Given the extent of damage termites can do in such a short amount of time, we will be at your property as soon as the same day or the next to get the issue squared away ASAP.

My Pest Pros has protected thousands of homes in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.  Our termite experts know what it takes when it comes to termite control, prevention, and protection. We use the safest and most effective methods to protect your family, home and business.

Many products will eliminate the problem but not the source of the problem—the colony. Our trained professionals deal with termite infestations all the time. Their experience and expertise allow them to form an effective treatment plan. Our professional team not only eradicates current problems but also provides preventative care. With our protection plan, the tiny household invaders will be eradicated both now and in the future with regular treatment visits. These visits are effective at treating and preventing termite infestations.

For ultimate protection, our professionals will work with you to find a customized solution for your termite problem, today and tomorrow.

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