Pest Guide: What to Know About Yellow Jackets

What Are Yellow Jackets?

Yellow jackets, also known as wasps or simply yellow jackets, are known for their distinctive black and yellow bodies and dramatic pinched waist shapes. Yellow jackets are among the most common types of wasps in the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., area. While they are often considered beneficial insects, thanks to their predation of other pests, they can be a pest and a danger to humans. Because of this, it's essential to work with an exterminator to remove any yellow jacket infestation.

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What Attracts Yellow Jackets?

Yellow Jacket

Several factors can draw yellow jackets to your property. If left unchanged, these can lead to an infestation that can harm you, your loved ones, your pets, or your neighbors.

  • Open trash containers: Yellow jackets like to hang out around trash, which often has meat, fruit, or sweet treats in it.
  • Bright colors: Wasps love bright colors, like those found on flowers or outdoor decorations. Your house's color may also attract them if it's particularly vibrant.
  • Pet food: Wasps can feed off pet food, which can become especially important during the fall when food in the wild states becomes scarce.

Common Questions About Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets can be highly dangerous, making it essential to call a professional wasp exterminator to remove their hive from your property. Yellow jackets are highly aggressive and prone to stinging. They can quickly kill someone who is allergic to them, while a large swarm can even kill a nonallergic adult. Their stingers may also carry germs from garbage, causing infection.

Some steps to preventing yellow jacket infestations on your property include covering garbage cans and emptying them frequently. You can also grow aromatic plants that naturally repel yellow jackets, such as thyme or eucalyptus. Sealing areas of your home that might harbor a yellow jacket nest can also keep them from establishing a colony on your property.

Yellow jackets can be dangerous to deal with alone without the proper protection. Additionally, though yellow jackets can be harmful to humans, they can be beneficial to the environment. A professional wasp exterminator can safely remove them from your property and even relocate them to an area where they can help local wildlife.

Tips for Preventing Yellow Jackets

  • Keep your food and garbage covered and properly disposed of.
  • Avoid leaving food and especially sweet drinks out in the open.
  • Seal up any cracks or gaps in your home's exterior to prevent yellow jackets from getting inside.
  • Avoid wearing sweet-smelling perfumes or lotions when spending time outdoors.
  • Keep your outdoor spaces clean and free of clutter, such as piles of leaves or brush.

How My Pest Pros Helps Eliminate Yellow Jackets

Professional Yellow Jackets exterminators such as My Pest Pros technicians are trained to identify and eliminate aggressive pests such as Yellow Jackets. By identifying and then using the appropriate EPA-approved products, we can eliminate Yellow Jacket threats and protect your family and pets in Northern Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland.

Our trained professionals will create an effective treatment plan to not only eradicates current problems but also provides preventative care. With our protection plans, stinging pests will be eradicated both now and in the future with regular treatment visits.

Ultimately, hiring a professional exterminator such as My Pest Pros can help to protect your family from the potential dangers of Yellow Jackets. They have the knowledge, experience, and equipment necessary to safely and effectively eliminate these pests and prevent them from returning.

For ultimate protection, our professionals will work with you to find a customized solution for your Yellow Jackets pest problems, today and tomorrow.

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