Pest Control Services in Arlington, VA

Arlington County has played a huge part in building the foundation of this country and government. It is home to many government agencies including the Pentagon. Virginia donated the county of Arlington to the United States government in the early 1800’s to give the government some room to grow. 50 years later, due to representation issues and the abolition of slavery, Arlington County was returned to the Commonwealth of Virginia. Today Arlington County currently stands as the smallest (in land mass) self-government county in the country!

Arlington resides right next to Washington DC and they are separated by the Potomac River. As the beautiful river gives you a sense of escape from city life, it also provides an environment for the countryside pests like mice, rats, and mosquitoes.

My Pest Pros offers pest control services for homes and businesses, including many restaurants, in Arlington, VA area. Our technicians live in the same areas we serve, allowing us to provide timely pest control and accurate evaluations. Call us today to for your Arlington pest control help.


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Solving Pest Problems in Arlington, VA

Rosslyn in Arlington Virginia

From Arlington National Cemetary, the Pentagon, and Amazon's HQ2 to the thriving Ballston, Clarendon, and Courthouse thriving neighborhoods, Arlington County, Virginia is a major engine of the Northern Virginia economy. Whether you're living in a 1940s-era home or new construction, it's also home to many pests. My Pest Pros is here to help protect your home or business. We will develop a personalized plan to eliminate and keep pests away with your Arlington County pest control plan.

Pest Control Services in Arlington, VA

Contact a member of our team for residential, commercial, and organic pest control services in the Arlington, VA area.

Residential Services

Ensure your Arlington home stays a safe place for family and friends to gather with residential pest control in Arlington from My Pest Pros.

Commercial Services

Protect your business from pests with a customized Arlington pest control solution to fit your unique business needs.

Organic Pest Control

For those that want a greener solution with limited pesticides, My Pest Pros’ organic pest control solutions are the ideal choice.

Common Pests in Arlington, VA

Arlington County is home to a variety of pests. The most common are cockroaches, rodents, ants, termites, stinging insects, and mosquitoes. When dealing with a pest problem, My Pest Pros is there to help.


Control Cockroaches

Cockroaches are common pests in Arlington VA that carry a whole host of diseases and quickly become a health and safety hazard if not appropriately handled. Signs of cockroaches in Arlington VA include specks of brown/black that look like coffee grounds in corners; brown smears along baseboards, walls, and doors; small egg casings; and chewed-up or eaten food. Get rid of these pests immediately by calling My Pest Pros for Arlington cockroach control.

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Remove Rodents

Rodents are a common pest in Arlington VA that seek refuge from the elements in your Arlington home or business. Signs of rodents in Arlington VA include chewed baseboards, furniture, and cabinets; mouse/rat droppings; and scratching noises in your walls. If you think you are dealing with a rodent problem, contact My Pest Pros now for Arlington mouse control and Arlington rat control. Read more about the dangers of rats in Arlington.

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Anticipate Ants

While most ants in Arlington VA are harmless, they can still be a nuisance that interferes with your daily routine and makes your space feel unclean. In their search for food and shelter, ants can find a way into your home through small cracks and crevices. And once they get in, they are hard to get out. Get rid of these pesky insects with Arlington ant control help of My Pest Pros.

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Arlington Termite Control

Termites are some of the most destructive pests in the Arlington area. They can make quick work of the wooden structure and integrity of your home—bringing down the property value and creating a safety hazard. Signs of termites in Arlington VA include discarded wings of termites, stuck windows/doors, and tiny holes in your wall. Call My Pest Pros to get rid of these dangerous pests.

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Stop Stinging Insects

Stinging insects make themselves at home around and on your property, taking over a previously safe space for you to relax. Stay safe from their sting—contact My Pest Pros for bee control and wasp control to get rid of them fast.

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Be Mosquito-Free

Mosquitoes in Arlington VA are nuisance insects that carry diseases and can make you and your home very uncomfortable. Stay safe and eliminate them from your yard or lawn with My Pest Pros' Arlington mosquito control.

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