Pest Control Services in College Park, MD

As a local, family-owned business, My Pest Pros understands the unique needs of the College Park, MD, area because we live in the same communities we serve. Work with a pest control company that cares about your home or business’s safety.

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Pest Control Solutions in College Park, MD

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College Park, MD is a thriving town in Prince George's County, Maryland. This small town is well known as the flagship University of Maryland main campus, but it's also home to the world's oldest continuously operated airport, and the National Archives at College Park. It is conveniently located just four miles from the corner of Washington, D.C., and a short drive to Baltimore. Despite its small size, College Park is home to a lot of pest activity including bed bugs, cockroaches, rats, and termites. If your home or business is suffering from pest issues, My Pest Pros can help eliminate pest problems and prevent them. Let us help you too with your College Park pest control.

Pest Control Services in College Park, MD

Contact a team member for residential, commercial, and organic pest control services in the College Park, MD, area.

Residential Services

From preventative maintenance to infestation control, My Pest Pros is a full-service pest control company with a wide range of experience. Choose us as your residential pest control specialist.

Commercial Services

Your College Park business can be subject to a number of pest problems. Don’t take it into your own hands, work with professionals. Work with My Pest Pros.

Organic Pest Control

When you need a greener solution to your pest problem, My Pest Pros has the expertise to help. With our organic pest control option, you can rest easy knowing you are using limited pesticides—keeping your family, pets, and the earth a safe place.

Common Pests in College Park, MD

College Park deals with various pests. Some of the most common pests include bed bugs, cockroaches, mice, rats, termites, stinging insects, and mosquitoes. With the expertise of My Pest Pros, you can eliminate these pests quickly.


Control Cockroaches

For businesses and families alike, a cockroach infestation can spell disaster. Carriers of diseases, these pests can pose a severe health risk to your family and your customers. Eliminate the problem at the root with cockroach control from My Pest Pros.

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Remove Rodents

College Park is particularly prone to rodent issues. Mice, rats, and other rodents can find their way into your attic, basement, foundation, and crawl spaces. Kick them out and protect your home from further damage with the help of My Pest Pros.

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Anticipate Ants

As ants crawl into your home, they leave behind a trail for other ants to follow. This trail is difficult to get rid of, and without the proper tools, these ants will continue to find their way into your home. Stop them in their tracks with ant control from My Pest Pros.

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Terminate Termites

Termites are wood-boring pests that create tunnels and paths through the foundation of your home. If not properly treated, these pests can cause serious structural damage that costs thousands of dollars to repair. Ensure your home is protected with termite treatment and inspections from My Pest Pros.

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Stop Stinging Insects

Bees, and wasps, and hornets—oh my! These stinging insects are a literal pain to have around. They can make your home or business feel like an unsafe place to be. Don’t allow them to commandeer your space—take back control with stinging insect removal from My Pest Pros.

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Manage Mosquitoes

When your yard becomes overrun by mosquitoes, getting rid of the mosquitoes, and not the root cause of them, will only yield temporary results. Protect your yard and your home from pesky mosquitoes with tailored mosquito yard treatment from My Pest Pros.

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