Pest Control Services in Oakton

When pests overrun your business or residence, it’s time to call in the professionals. My Pest Pros is a pest control company in Oakton, VA, offering residential and commercial pest control services. So, when you have a pest problem, we have the solution. Contact us today to get a free estimate.

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Pest Control Solutions in Oakton, VA

Oak Marr Rec Center in Oakton, Virginia

Surrounded by Vienna, Fairfax, and Fair Oaks, Oakton is the perfect combination of city and suburban living. With access to excellent shopping, such as the Fair Oaks Mall, and a unique location near a more natural area, Oakton is a great place to raise a family and grow. But with this easy access to nature comes the increased risk of a pest infestation. Is your home or business in Oakton, VA, plagued by pests? Don't take matters into your own hands; rely on the professionals at My Pest Pros.

My Pest Pros is a locally-owned business serving the Oakton, VA, area. Our technicians live in the areas they serve, making it a personal problem for the communities they call home. Rely on the expertise of My Pest Pros to get your pest problems under control.

Pest Control Services in Oakton, VA

My Pest Pros provides residential, commercial, and organic pest control services in the Oakton, VA area.

Residential Services

Get back to enjoying your home as it should be—relaxing, clean, and pest-free—with a little help from My Pest Pros.

Commercial Services

When pests are overrunning your business, stop them in their tracks. Call My Pest Pros today.

Organic Pest Control

Get rid of pests with an effective alternative to pesticides—My Pest Pros’ organic pest control solutions.

Common Pests in Oakton, VA

Oakton, VA is home to numerous pests such as cockroaches, rodents, ants, termites, stinging insects, and mosquitoes. Get rid of them all with pest control solutions from My Pest Pros.


Control Cockroaches

Take care of cockroaches invading your home with assistance from My Pest Pros. Our professional services ensure that cockroaches are eliminated from your home and stay away for good. Call us today.

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Remove Rodents

Remove rodents from your basement, attic, or crawlspace with tailored rodent control from My Pest Pros. Our technicians take the time to discover the root cause of your rodent problem and form a detailed plan to get rid of them. Let us take care of your problem.

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Anticipate Ants

Ants are experts at finding miniature cracks and crevices that lead into your home. Taking care of the ants in your home doesn’t guarantee they won’t come back. Get rid of them for good with preventative maintenance from My Pest Pros.

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Terminate Termites

When selling your home or moving into a new one, termite inspections are a generally recommended choice. Make sure that your building is protected with termite inspections and treatment from My Pest Pros.

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Stop Stinging Insects

Stinging insects tend to come around in the warmer summer and spring months. When they do, they can make your porch or outdoor space feel unsafe and medically dangerous. Get rid of their nests with help from My Pest Pros.

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Manage Mosquitoes

There are a variety of conditions that make yards, lawns, and outdoor spaces a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Treat the mosquitoes and get to the root cause of your mosquito infestation with help from My Pest Pros.

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Family-owned and operated since 2013, My Pest Pros provides residential and commercial pest services in Oakton and the surrounding areas. Our team members understand the frustration caused by a pest infestation of any kind. We're here to help prevent and quickly solve your pest problems. We will communicate with you throughout the process and determine the best solution for your family, home, or business.

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