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When it comes to pest control and pest management, rely on the experts. My Pest Pros is a family-owned pest control company serving residents and businesses in the area. Find the root of your pest problem and treat it quickly with help from a My Pest Pros exterminator in Vienna, VA.

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Solving Pest Problems in Vienna, VA

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Home to hidden gems such as the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens, the Washington and Old Dominion Trail, and Tysons Corner, Vienna, VA, is a quiet town filled with personality. However, because of its proximity to nature, it can also become filled with pests. When families or businesses run into pest problems, the team at My Pest Pros is here to help.

As a full-service pest control company, we have the expertise to handle all your pest control needs. Whether you are a business or a resident dealing with cockroaches or dealing with rodents, we are the experts to call. We develop personalized pest management plans that eliminate your pest problem at the source. We don't just treat the symptoms; we treat the cause of your pest problems. So, the next time you need pest control near you in Vienna, VA, you can rely on the experts at My Pest Pros to help.

Pest Control Services in Vienna, VA

No matter what type of pest control services you need, My Pest Pros has the experience to handle it. We offer residential, commercial, and organic pest control services in the Vienna, VA area.

Residential Services

Your home should be a place for relaxation and family. When pests find their way into your home, they can make your home feel unsafe. Take back your home with help from My Pest Pros.

Commercial Services

From hospitality, restaurants, schools, and more—My Pest Pros has helped numerous Vienna, VA businesses take back control of their space. Protect your business.

Organic Pest Control

For those that want a greener solution with limited pesticides, My Pest Pros’ organic pest control solutions are the ideal choice.

Common Pests in Vienna, VA

Northern Virginia is a prime location for cockroaches, rodents, ants, termites, stinging insects, and mosquitoes. Protect your business or residence from these pests with a tailored plan from My Pest Pros.


Control Cockroaches

There are various cockroach species that develop colonies in Vienna, VA homes. If you can’t take out the adults in the colony, your home can quickly become overwhelmed with an infestation. Don’t let it get to that point—contact My Pest Pros for cockroach pest control.

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Remove Rodents

Mice, rats, and other rodents can seek refuge in your basement, attic, or the foundation of your home. Kick them out before they can do lasting damage to the structure of your home. My Pest Pros will help form a plan that eliminates rodents from your home in a safe and effective manner.

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Anticipate Ants

As they walk, ants leave behind a distinct pheromone trail that is used to lead other ants to food and water. When getting rid of ants, it is essential to eliminate all traces of that pheromone trail, otherwise they can quickly come back. My Pest Pros has the tools necessary to eliminate ants from your home and keep them away.

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Terminate Termites

Have you noticed discarded wings of termites, stuck windows/doors, and tiny holes in the wall of your home or business? If yes, then you may have a termite problem. When left unchecked, termites can cause long lasting damage to the structure of your home—costing you money and creating an unsafe environment. Take care of them quickly with help from My Pest Pros.

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Stop Stinging Insects

In the warm summer months, bees, wasps, hornets, and other stinging insects come out to make their hives/nests on your property. The proximity of their nests to your home can lead to painful stings and other physically harmful effects. When you need experts to make your home safe again, you can rely on the team at My Pest Pros.

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Be Mosquito-Free

Backyard BBQs and nighttime hangouts are a thing of the past when your yard is overwhelmed with mosquitoes. Don’t let these pests take over your outdoor space—eliminate them with mosquito control from My Pest Pros.

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