Cigarette beetles are a type of beetle that is often found in tobacco products. The brown or black coloration of the cigarette beetle gives it its name, but these insects can also be seen in other types of dried goods like cereal and spices. Are they dangerous? Are there any adverse effects to humans if they consume them? Find out here!

What Are Cigarette Beetles?

The cigarette beetle is scientifically known as Lasioderma serricorne. It is a small, brown or black beetle that can be found in many different types of dried goods like tobacco, cereal, and spices. Cigarette beetles get their name from their common association with cigarettes, but they can be found in other products too. They are sometimes also referred to as cigar beetles or tobacco beetles.

Why Do I Have Cigarette Beetles In My Home?

Cigarette beetles do not live in homes full time. They prefer living outdoors, where they can feed on tobacco plants and other leaves nearby. If a cigarette beetle has infested your home or business, that means you have an issue with the exterior plant life near your building. Keeping up on exterior landscaping will go a long way towards preventing

The cigarette beetle is also sometimes called a cigar beetle or tobacco beetle alt.
Lasioderma serricorne commonly known as the cigarette beetle, cigar beetle or tobacco beetle, is pest of tobacco, dried herbs and many of others stored products.

How to Prevent Cigarette Beetles

If you have a cigarette beetle infestation, it is possible to prevent additional beetles from getting into your home. First and foremost, you need to properly remove the source of the problem: improperly dried tobacco or other food sources. You can also install screens on all windows and doors to keep the beetles out. Finally, make sure you conduct regular exterior landscaping maintenance so that the beetle has no place to live near your home.

Are Cigarette Beetles Dangerous?

Cigarette beetles are not considered dangerous to humans. However, they can cause damage to stored food items. If you or a loved one consume them, it is possible for the beetle to cause some digestive distress. However, severe illness from cigarette beetles has not been documented. Are Cigarette Beetles Dangerous To Humans?

Dealing With a Cigarette Beetle Infestation

Cigarette beetles are quite difficult to remove from a home or business. If you have an infestation, it is best to call a professional pest control company. They will be able to use the correct methods and products to rid your space of these pesky beetles for good.

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