Earwigs Harmful

Earwigs can look terrifying. Their large size, coupled with the scary pincers on the back of their bodies, is enough to put anybody off of touching them. But, are earwigs dangerous? Is it safe to touch them? Is it fine to have earwigs running around your property? The answer may surprise you.

Here at My Pest Pros, we specialize in earwig control. An earwig infestation that is left to get out of hand can cause all manner of issues.

Are Earwigs Dangerous?

When people first hear the word 'earwig', they think of those awful creatures that are notorious for crawling into people's ears. Rest assured, this isn't going to happen. Earwigs are afraid of humans. They aren't going to come close to you, let alone have a need to burrow into your ear. You are safe on that front.

Earwigs, for the most part, are peaceful creatures. If you do not pose any threat to them then they are going to keep well clear. Even if you got too close, they are much more likely to run away than they are to go on an all-out assault. They know it is a battle that they simply cannot win.

Sure, you may be asking 'are earwig bites dangerous?' If you do agitate an earwig enough, then it may nip at you with its pincer. This may hurt a little bit, but no more than a pinch. It's unlikely to even break the skin. If the pincer does break the skin then make sure that you disinfect it. Earwigs spend a lot of their time running around in some rather foul locations, so the scratch could get infected if you aren't careful. That is about as dangerous as earwigs get, at least toward people.

Can Earwigs Damage Your Home?

Earwigs are unlikely to damage the inside of your home. Earwigs are much more comfortable living outdoors than they are heading inside. They love to burrow about in the soil, and they love damp locations. Still, there is a chance that they can venture inside every so often. You may only spot one or two of them running around.

Proactive protection from earwigs for the inside of your home is tough. This is because earwigs probably aren't going to venture into your property. They won't be attracted to it. The best you can do is keep your doors and windows closed or seal up any openings in walls. However, this is going to do more to protect your home from other pests than it is earwigs.

While earwigs are unlikely to damage your property, they do love to feast on plants. If you have a lot of plants in your home, or crops and beautiful flowers outdoors, then the earwigs will attack those. It is the bulk of their diet. They will attack both indoor and outdoor plants.

Why You Need To Eliminate Earwigs

While it is unlikely that earwigs will attack you, it is not nice having them around if you have pets or small children. We have heard countless stories of children receiving some rather nasty pinches from an earwig. You don't want to put up with that screeching. Plus the fact that earwigs are filthy creatures, you now have to deal with disinfecting the wounds on a child which is going to lead to even more screeching.

Beyond this, your main concern is ensuring that the earwigs do not destroy plants and flowers both inside and outside of your home. Earwigs aren't that selective about what plant matter they eat. If they get into your home then you could be saying goodbye to some of your most-prized plants. Earwigs will eat through them rather quickly, and you may not notice until it is far too late.

Keeping an earwig infestation out of your home can be exceedingly difficult too. This is because there is nothing that would attract them inside outside of a bit of warmth and maybe the promise of food. They will spend most of their time outside causing havoc. Since you can't control where the earwigs go or what they do once they are there, then it is probably best not to have them hanging around in the first place.

Earwigs can be useful, to some extent. They can eat other pests that may be feasting on your plants. However, that doesn't help if the earwigs are just going to take their place.

Hire An Earwig Control Expert Today

If you want to eliminate earwigs, spraying insect repellent around your home isn't going to be enough. You need to cut them off at the source.

Here at My Pest Pros, we specialize in the elimination of earwigs. We can tackle the problem both inside and outside of your home. Not only will we eradicate any earwigs in the vicinity, but we will help to keep further infestations at bay.

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