Are earwigs harmful is a common question alt.
The common earwig or European earwig - Forficula auricularia is a scary sight to many homeowners!

Are earwigs harmful? It’s a question that more and more homeowners have been asking lately, as the little insects become increasingly prevalent throughout North America. And, it’s easy to assume earwigs are harmful just by looking at them. The problem is that they look like they belong on a horror movie set—long, thin, and creepy-crawly. They aren’t dangerous, though. They don’t bite or sting, nor do they carry disease. But because of their appearance, many people assume earwigs are harmful insects and want to get rid of them in any way possible. The good news is that they aren’t dangerous to humans in most cases (other than delivering an uncomfortable pinch).

What Are earwigs?

The most common earwig in North America is called Forficula auricularia (which means earring-bearer). They are tiny insects, about 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 inch long, with pincers on their behinds. While it may be tempting to squish them for messing up your plants or furniture, keep in mind that they aren’t dangerous. In fact, earwigs are considered to be beneficial insects in your garden. On top of eating pests like aphids, earwigs help control populations of other insects by preying on spider mites and flies, among others. In fact, if you find a high number of earwigs near your home it could mean there’s a pest problem nearby!

What is Attracting Earwigs to My Home?

There are various reasons that earwigs will be attracted to your home. They could be looking for food, water, or shelter from predators. The best way to get rid of earwigs is to find out why they are there in the first place. If you have been noticing them outside, then you will want to look at any mulch, wood chips or firewood that may have been placed near your home. These items provide great breeding grounds for earwigs and other insects. Be sure to store these items up against a wall, away from your home and any entry points where pests can gain access inside your house. Also, be sure not to over-water plants around your house as standing water can also attract insects and worms alike. Lastly, inspect outdoor lights on a regular basis.

How to Get Rid of Earwigs?

The best way to get rid of earwigs is to take a couple of precautions and make sure they don’t infest your home in the first place. For example, you should seal up any cracks or holes that could be leading them into your property; it’s also a good idea to make sure any firewood has been properly dried out, as damp wood attracts earwigs. One final precaution you can take is to prevent items that are already in your home from becoming infested.

If earwigs are bugging you and you want to get rid of them, My Pest Pros’ routine pest plans can help deter earwigs from getting into your home and help eliminate earwigs in your home. Call us today at 703-665-4455.