It’s not unusual to find brown millipedes crawling up your basement or garage walls or floors in Fairfax and Northern Virginia this time of year. Heavy rains such as those we have experienced recently combined with falling temperatures and leaves create the perfect conditions for millipede migrations. Newer residential developments, such as those in Loudoun County neighborhoods, may be especially vulnerable to millipede problems because areas that used to provide refuge for these pests have been dug up or removed.

Millipedes are generally considered a nuisance pest that can be annoying, but do not bite or do damage.

Vacuuming is a quick and easy way to safely eliminate millipedes from your home. But if they continue to find their way indoors, seal around windows and other entry points. A pest control professional can also help prevent or eliminate them.

Identification of entry points, including door sweeps, broken screens, cracks & crevices is the first step toward eliminating and preventing these pests. Seal and caulk any gaps. Trim trees and other plants away from the structure – we recommend keeping trees and bushes at least 1-2 feet away from your home – to prevent pests from walking right onto your home.

Gravel and other mulching materials can help reduce moisture conditions around your home’s exterior. Wood mulch retains moisture, which may be good for plants, but can create conditions attractive to pests. Make sure soil is graded so that water drains away from your home’s foundation.

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