A recent report from the Agriculture Department sheds new light on how the Mid Atlantic Region got its most unwelcome new residents over a decade ago—the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug. Introduced to American soil from China, this shield shaped, brown pest has been growing in numbers ever since. Spreading to 41 states and slowly moving from rural areas into larger population centers, this stinkbug is here to stay.

The Stinkbug

stink-bugsThe bug gets its name from a particularly strong smell you won’t soon forget if you happen to squash one, and it has some very specific tastes. These particular stinkbugs will make a specific 4-week long migration from their usual habitats in woods and gardens to find new, cozier accommodations for the winter. This means you might just have them as guests for the holidays if you aren’t careful. Oddly enough, the stinkbug seems most attracted to colorful houses made from wood or concrete. Families with aluminum siding and white paint have rarely reported infestations.

Damage From Stinkbugs

Anyone who has already encountered the stinkbug in their gardens can attest to their capacity to be both destructive and annoying. Apart from the smell they secrete when killed, they are particularly damaging to crops and small gardens. The Marmorated Stink Bug zeros in on any fruits in the area, leaving your plant life with disgusting black residues. They promptly take over and destroy any gardening you might have worked on over the summer, eating through anything in their path.

Stinkbug Migration

October 1st is expected to be the day that they are out in full force searching for a winter hideout. The perfect opportunity to rid your property of the stinkbugs for good and prevent them from taking a hold of your home.  The experts at My Pest Pros are well versed in the problems that stinkbugs cause, and have perfected methods to exterminate them for good. Especially if you live in a brown, grey, or green building made from wood or concrete, take advantage of this particular weekend when they’ll be out of hiding by hiring the Pros to send them on their way.