We are receiving a lot of calls in recent weeks from homeowners seeking My Pest Pros' help removing raccoons and squirrels from their attics. Loud noises, banging and crashing around the attic are a tell tale sign that an animal has moved into your home.

Wildlife problems in homes is increasingly common across Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun and Montgomery counties as the Washington, D.C. region grows, natural habitats are disturbed and animals search for sources of food and shelter.

It is important to quickly remove squirrels, raccoons and other rodents from your home. These animals can cause a great deal of damage to your home from chewing wood, wires and belongings stored in the attic to tearing through walls, chewing holes in siding, defecating and ruining insulation and more. It's also important to resolve a squirrel problem immediately before they nest and breed. Repairing the damage from squirrels or raccoons can easily cost thousands of dollars, so it's important to contact a professional pest control company as soon as possible.

How do you know you have squirrels or raccoons versus mice living in your attic? The noise from these rodents is typically much louder than you will find from mice and rats. Squirrels are often more active in the early morning hours.

The most effective method of eliminating squirrels, raccoons and other wildlife is through trapping and removal. Of course, we'll use humane methods to trap and remove them. But removal is only part of the treatment solution from My Pest Pros. Our professional pest control experts will inspect your home and property to identify and eliminate problems that attract wildlife. We will look for how they are getting into your home as well as the food sources or shelter that is attracting them. We can also help seal up and protect your home to safeguard your family and investment, and keep wildlife from coming back.

If you have problems with wildlife in or around your home in Northern Virginia, including Annandale, VA, Burke, VA, Fairfax, VA, Great Falls, VA, McLean, VA, and Springfield, VA, Call us today for a free inspection and consultation.