Most consumers think that winter pest control is not necessary. After all, it’s cold outside so there are no bugs. However, the reality is that winter pest control is one of the most important times of the year to protect your home and family from invaders.

The Importance of Winter Pest Control

The warm spring, summer and even fall months are normally associated with pest problems such as ants, cockroaches and termites. While you may see more bugs during these periods, pests will remain active all year long. These pests will move into your home during the winter. Attics, wall voids and even basements provide the warmth, and often moisture, that make these the ideal locations for pests to overwinter.

Winter Pest Control

mouse altTermites do not take a winter vacation. They will continue to eat away and damage the wood in your home throughout the winter. Cold weather may cause the colony to slow, but termites do not take a vacation or hibernate in the winter.

Humid basements can also provide the perfect conditions for pests such as roaches.

Other pests that do not hibernate are mice and rats. In fact, rodents will seek out small gaps in siding, gutters and other cracks and crevices to get into your attic, basement or walls. Rats and mice may build nests in your warm attic or walls. Insulation, wiring and other building materials may be used for building nests. Pet food, your pantry, grass and birdseed can provide great food sources for rodents.

Year-Round Pest Control

A year-round pest control program from My Pest Pros helps prevent winter pest programs and can eliminate any surprises. Winter pest control can help prevent or minimize pest control issues in the spring or the following winter.

A pest control program can help protect your family’s health. Roaches, mice and rats can spread disease and filth. Spider bites can also be unpleasant. Many people may also be allergic to spider bites.

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