DIY products to treat for ants, roaches, bed bugs and many other pests are readily available to consumers from grocery stores to home improvement stores and big box retailers. Knowing when to call for professional pest control help versus tackling problems yourself can be tricky.

Many minor pest problems can often be self-treated. A minor ant invasion in the summer months or the occasional invader may be able to be addressed with an off-the-shelf solution. DIY pest control products can be cost-effective for these situations. These products are often effective for minor issues.

Local Pest Control professional pest control altKnowing when you can safely handle an issue yourself or when to turn to a professional pest control company can be difficult. Sometimes it’s a matter of comfort. Some clients call a company such as My Pest Pros because they do not want to deal with the ‘yuck’ factor. A professional exterminator will deal with issues such as dead mice or cockroaches that are beyond many homeowners’ comfort level. Some pest treatments may also require going into crawl spaces, on high ladders or in attics.

Some pest issues are best left to pest control professionals. Treatments for problems such as termites, bed bugs, cockroaches are examples of pest issues that require extensive training. Exterminators have the training, experience and access to the latest products and technology to safely and effectively eliminate pest problems. Improper treatment for these pest issues can result in property damage and health and safety issues.

We often see situations where homeowners self-treating have made problems worse. Home remedies, either purchased or made from recipes found online, often make pest issues such as roaches or bed bugs worse. In some cases, our pest technicians find unsafe and unhealthy conditions caused by DIY pest treatments.

However, more common are pest issues such as ants, crickets, spiders, stinging insects, and mice or rats. These can be disturbing for many homeowners as well as nuisances. In some cases such as with rodents or stinging insects there are health and safety concerns.

An experienced exterminator is more familiar with problem areas around a home or business that are more likely to be the source of pest issues. He or she must undergo extensive training as well as continuing education. They must be licensed and adhere to state and federal regulations about safety and product usage. This experience and training can help them identify and solve problems faster.

A professional pest control company can help prevent many of these pest problems through proactive, preventative treatments as well quickly eliminate them when problems arise. Annual protection plans offered by many companies including My Pest Pros provide cost-effective programs with warranties; so covered pest issues between recurring services are treated at no additional cost.