Few people really consider mosquitoes an indoor problem, but there is a real chance they can invade your home and settle down. Mosquitoes often find places in your basement and lay their eggs. Once they hatch, they'll excitedly spread throughout the rest of your home and settle right in for the long haul.

So how can you tell if your problem is an indoor one or one that is a case of an occasional invading pest? The following signs are among the most ominous signs of indoor mosquito infestation:

  • Bite marks in the night - Although bite marks may also indicate bed bugs, mosquitoes are also prone to feeding at night. Their bites are much smaller than bed bug bites and tend to be itchier.
  • Buzzing in your walls - This may seem absurd, but mosquitoes often find cracks in walls, locate still water, and lay eggs. As a result, they can often proliferate in your walls and burst out when you least expect them.
  • Swarms of the critters - Obviously, whenever you open your door in the mosquito season, you're at danger of letting them in your home. However, if you see more than five or six mosquitoes in your home, there's a chance they've settled in your home.
  • Past treatment options have failed - Perhaps you noticed the mosquitoes in your home and tried DIY options. This probably got rid of a handful of mosquitoes, but left you with a stable and persistent population. In this instance, you are likely stuck.

What can you do? Call a professional pest control expert immediately. They will eliminate the mosquitoes forever and give you back your home.