Roach motels seem like a great idea, in theory: they are filled with a bait that attracts the always-hungry roach inside. Once inside, however, the roaches are stuck to the sticky floor. And once they check in, they can never check out: simply crush them in your hand to get rid of that particular roach forever. But are these simple DIY trap methods really useful? Or are they just delaying the inevitable?

Unfortunately, roach motels don't take into account the pure volume of roaches that are likely already living in your home. If you've already seen one or more roach wandering around in your home, there's a good chance you have hundreds, if not thousands, of them to worry about. That disheartening fact is made no better by the rate at which they reproduce.

A female roach can lay over a hundred eggs every several months. And do you know what's worse? Those juvenile roaches will be ready to breed in as little as three weeks. And roaches prefer to operate at night or stay in the shadows 99% of the time. That's how they get so out of control: once you see one in the light of the day, there's a good chance a terrifying amount are lurking just out of sight.

So roach motels, while sound in theory, simply can't help you eliminate all the roaches in your home. That's why you need to call a professional right away. They will eliminate the roaches in your home completely and permanently.