How to Eliminate fleas on the inside and outside

Fleas on dog

Those of you who have lived in Fairfax know how troublesome fleas can be. Despite a common misconception, you can get these persistent and annoying pests without pets. Fleas can be transmitted to your yard through other animals like rabbits, rats, and mice. Thanks to our proven and effective flea control treatments, My Pest Pros can help eliminate fleas, and protect your family from these nuisance pests.

Flea infestation signs

It is typically when a pet's scratching becomes more frequent or more frequent than usual that people first discover they have a flea infestation. Some pets may not react to flea bites in the manner you would expect, especially if they have other underlying conditions like allergies. Whenever your pet shows signs of fleas, you should start looking for other clues that may indicate an infestation. These include:

  • An increase in grooming or scratching by pets.
  • Small bites around the feet and ankles of residents.
  • The flea excrement that looks like pepper and falls to the ground when pets are brushed.
  • A dark black or brown dot appears and disappears from socks when walking on carpet.

Even though this is only a small sampling of potential signs of a flea infestation, it is important to remember that the absence of pets indoors does not mean that you have no fleas outside your home or business. You can also transport them into your home by just spending time in the areas where they may be. It is recommended to contact an experienced and knowledgeable pest control provider as early as possible since fleas reproduce quickly and can become a significant problem.

How to eliminate fleas

I Found Fleas. What Should I Do?

Finding fleas inside or around your Northern Virginia home or business can be shocking initially. It is important to act quickly to control the flea problem before it becomes a bigger issue and affects your family or pet's health. All flea infestations are not the same. They may be spread by pets, wildlife around your home, or physical issues. A flea infestation may even be a sign that you have mice, rats squirrels, or other pest issues that you were not aware of. For the best results, My Pest Pros will inspect and create a custom flea treatment plan to eliminate the flea infestation, and prevent fleas from returning.

If you have pets, it is important to have them inspected and treated with the appropriate flea and tick medication under the care of a veterinary professional. We find that home treatments often fail to solve and prevent flea problems. Your veterinarian can recommend the best treatment and preventative options for your pets to ensure that they are protected from fleas and not causing new flea infestations. Protecting your pests will also help us improve your pest control results.

Why Choose My Pest Pros for Flea Control in Northern Virginia?

The experts at My Pest Pros have the knowledge and experience necessary to help prevent flea infestations as well as eliminate flea infestations at your home or business both indoors. We can help protect your yard from fleas as well. The safety of your family and your pets is always on our minds. My Pest Pros uses the latest products and treatment methods to eliminate and prevent flea infestations.

If you require flea control services in Fairfax or the Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC area, call us at 703-665-4455 or contact us today!