Subterranean termites are a real threat in Northern Virginia and Maryland. Our warm and wet weather, as well as increased temperatures from climate change, make termite problems a growing threat across our region. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not realize they have a termite problem until it's too late to prevent. But the threat of termites is a real issue with as many as 14 different colonies searching for food on the typical acre. That means there are potentially 14 million termites around your home, one of your biggest investments. Being proactive with a termite inspection and termite prevention can help save you thousands of dollars.

A termite inspection and proactive treatment can help prevent undected termite damage.

Here are 3 reasons to get a termite inspection today and termite protection.

You are Purchasing a Home

While many home buyers are skipping home inspections and wood-destroying insect (termite inspections) in this crazy real estate market, this can be a huge mistake. We know you want to have the winning bid and make the home buying process as seamless as possible for the seller, but these inspections are crucial to knowing what you are purchasing. Termites can be eliminated by termite experts such as the trained professionals at My Pest Pros. Finding termite problems before you sign can help you identify potential issues prior to purchasing, budget for treatment and repairs, and possibly get the seller to pay for the treatment. Delaying the termite treatment means more damage to your new home.

Even when it's not a requirement of the sale agreement, we strongly recommend a termite inspection to know what you are buying. After all, you wouldn't purchase a used car without an inspection, why would you purchase what is likely your biggest investment without one?

Termites with wings
Termites with wings, winged termites or termite swarmers are a sign of a serious termite problem.

New Home Construction

Termite treatments are not usually high on your priority list when building a new home. After all, your usually more focused on the kitchen counters, bathroom vanities, and floors. Unfortunately, termite protection also is not usually a top priority for home builders. Home builders typically use the least expensive protection to treat for termites. These products will only last a few years at best. The construction process may also stir up termites and other pest issues.

If you are constructing a new home or business, a termite inspection and proactive treatment can help identify and prevent future termite and pest issues. It can also help protect your new home.

Termite Prevention

Conditions change around homes. While you may not have had a termite issue yesterday, you could today. Just as our bodies change and cars break down, so do our homes. Weather, settlement, and wear and tear can lead to conditions conducive to termite damage. Routine inspections, like a medical check-up, can help identify problems and proactively protect your home and family.

Termite Elimination By My Pest Pros

A termite expert from My Pest Pros can install a Sentricon termite system to protect your home from the millions of termites surrounding it. Our technicians are trained to identify conditions that can lead to termite problems and how to protect against them. Call us today at 703-665-4455 or visit to learn how we can protect your home from termites and other pest problems. We can schedule an inspection to recommend the best way to combat termites and protect your home before they invade it.