Cooler Weather Brings Out Pests in Montgomery County

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Are spiders and other pests invading your Montgomery County home?

Looking forward to the crisp fall weather in Montgomery County, but dreading the intrusion of all the creepy crawlies that will invade your home because of it? We’ll help you identify some of Montgomery County’s most common fall pests, where they like to hide, and give you tips on how to pest proof your home.

If you get stuck in a bind and these unwanted critters have already taken up residence, My Pest Pros has got your back and can help you evict your newfound residents.

Common Fall Pests

Spooky stories aren’t the only things those creepy crawlers invade in the fall – your home is vulnerable too. Some of Montgomery County’s most common fall pests include bugs of the six- and eight-legged varieties such as stink bugs, ladybugs, crickets, box elder bugs, ants, cockroaches, and spiders. Rodents such as rats and mice are also notorious home invaders in the fall.

While some or all of these can make you squirm or maybe not really bother you at all, they provide more nuisance than just their mere presence. Ladybugs and box elder bugs love to squeeze in through cracks in the windows and doors and will stain curtains and clothes. Stink bugs will flock to any exposed produce and consume whatever they can find from legumes to fruits and vegetables.

Cockroaches not only make you shudder with repulsion, but they can also carry bacteria and are very hard to kill especially if they nest in your home. Carpenter ants will eat away at the structural wood in your home leaving vulnerable areas that may become unsafe. Crickets and spiders tend to scuttle their way into the house and multiply leaving dozens of unwanted creepy crawlies.

Mice and rats pose an even bigger nuisance by nesting in your home and potentially carrying life threatening diseases such as the hantavirus. They will also pilfer your pantry and eat whatever food they can find. In addition, rodents pose another hazard by chewing on exposed electrical wires which can start a house fire.

Where Do Fall Pests Like to Hide?

While some of these pests tend to taunt you by flying around in the open yet still proving elusive enough to kill like stink bugs and ladybugs, most of them will hide in unseen and hard to reach places. They gain access via cracks in the seals of windows and doors and hide in crevices and dark places.

Cockroaches can scurry under counters and in between poorly sealed window and door frames. Carpenter ants usually take up residence in areas of your home that will provide ample amounts of their favorite food – wood. So, check for any exposed areas that would allow them access to your house’s framework.

Rodents are notorious for making nests in insulation and in the walls, attics, and crawl spaces of homes – anywhere they can be warm and away from the coming cold weather.

How to Prevent Your Home from Fall Pest Invasion

In order to prevent any of these fall pests from invading your home, ensure that any cracks and exposed places are properly sealed. Replace any broken window or door screens. Set traps out to catch any cockroaches, ants, and rodents that might happen to wander inside.

Make sure that areas of attraction especially the kitchen is kept clean so as not to attract any unwanted guests with crumbs of food that may fall to the floor or behind appliances.

How to Eliminate Fall Pests from Your Home

So how do you get rid of all these unwanted fall pests? Easy! Just give My Pest Pros a call at 301-447-0642, and Relax, We’ll Get Rid of What’s Bugging You and help you eliminate all of fall’s creepiest pests in Montgomery County.