Below are three easy steps to prevent and eliminate pests that could spoil your holiday dinner plans:

1. Know how to identify household pests when you see them.

2. Look for signs of household pests even if you do not see the actual critter.

3. Call My Pest Pros for all your pest prevention and elimination needs.

In this article, we’ll give you a list of some of the most common household pests known to crash Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners including ants, mice, and other pantry pests. In addition, we’ll provide you with ways to identify the signs of their presence and how to keep pests away that can ruin your holidays.

Pests can run your holidays

What Are Some Common Household Pests Around the Holidays?

Odorous ants, flour beetles, cockroaches, and mice are a handful of the most common pantry pests known to invade households and ruin food. Carpenter ants are also a nuisance that can be quite dangerous as they can compromise the structural integrity of your home by eating away at wooden supports.

While not known for spreading diseases, nobody wants to open up a bag of flour and find odorous ants or flour beetles inside. Both of these pests are notorious for invading pantries, enticed inside by poorly sealed open containers or crumbs of spilled food.

On the other hand, cockroaches and mice, which will also not pass up the opportunity to scrounge for food in your kitchen closet, can carry diseases that infect humans. These pests are also very good at nesting in hard-to-reach places like behind counters and within the insulated walls of your home.

What Are Some Signs Indicating the Presence of Pests?

There are numerous signs indicating the presence of pests, not the least of which is witnessing the creatures themselves. Odorous ants and flour beetles can be detected by the obnoxious odors they put off. Carpenter ants will leave small piles of wood shavings. Cockroaches and mice are most commonly indicated by the presence of droppings and rustling noises in the walls.

Signs that your pantry has been raided by pests can include actually seeing critters in your food – usually odorous ants and flour beetles. Mice and cockroaches tend to scurry away when you approach but nibbled through and torn apart packaging and fecal droppings or even the presence of cockroach eggs can indicate their invasion.

How Do You Prevent Household Pests from Ruining Holiday Dinners?

A few simple ways to prevent these household pests from ruining your Thanksgiving and Christmas meals include:

1. Ensuring a clean kitchen with no lingering spills or crumbs.

2. Properly sealing and storing open containers and bags of food.

3. Setting up pest traps especially in vulnerable areas such as the kitchen.

4. Calling My Pest Pros at the first sign of any pest invasion.

The number one attraction that draws pantry pests into your home are crumbs and spills that are left untended. Make sure you sweep up all food that drops on the floor and mop up any spills. Pantry pests will make short work of your food if you don’t properly store open food in airtight containers.

Setting up traps to lure ants, roaches, and mice away from your food will help keep your pantry safe and allow you to get rid of unwanted household pests.

My Pest Pros can help supply you with all your pest prevention and elimination needs to make sure your holiday dinner isn’t ruined by pests. Give us a call today at 703-665-4455 so that you can enjoy the holidays without the unwanted guests in your pantry. And Relax, We’ll Get Rid of What’s Bugging You!