It’s no fun to deal with roaches, especially if you live in an urban environment where they’re more likely to be found. But if you use ineffective techniques or products, it can make the problem worse, so it’s important to avoid these common mistakes to get rid of roaches. Before trying DIY solutions or attempting to eliminate them on your own, contact a professional exterminator who can advise you on the best approach to eliminating your roach problem once and for all.

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Getting rid of roaches can be difficult without the proper products and knowledge.

What You Should Know About Roaches

The biggest issue with dealing with roaches is that they breed quickly and can become a huge problem if you don’t kill them quickly and properly. As such, it’s best to hire a professional exterminator as soon as you discover roaches in your home. Not only will they be able to come up with an effective plan for eliminating roaches, but they also have access to products not available at your local hardware store. Plus, it’s illegal for homeowners to purchase some pesticides used in treating roach infestations—having a trained professional handle it is safer and more effective than using over-the-counter sprays and poisons yourself. In fact, many pest control companies charge extra if customers attempt to deal with problems themselves before calling professionals.

Fortunately, hiring a professional doesn’t have to break your budget: A single treatment from reputable bug exterminators usually costs between $150-$700. You should also know that treatments often take multiple treatments—over a few weeks or months—to eliminate a roach infestation. Even then, it may take time for extermination companies to achieve full control of existing populations and prevent future ones from establishing themselves in your home after treatments are completed. However, proper treatment followed by persistent prevention is essential for long-term results against these pests. A recurring pest protection program can provide the best warranty should you have future issues as well as keep roaches away.

Here are some helpful facts about roaches:

  • Cockroaches carry salmonella bacteria on their legs that cause food poisoning if humans touch them or eat food contaminated by their droppings or feces.
  • Cockroaches have been implicated in transmitting pathogenic organisms including cholera, dysentery, typhoid fever, hepatitis B virus and parasitic worms such as hookworms and roundworms.
  • American cockroaches alone may transport 40% of all bacteria found in homes across America. Research has found a strong link between an infestation of cockroaches in a dwelling and health hazards within those dwellings such as asthma attacks among residents living in those homes.
  • A single egg case contains approximately 250 eggs or more that hatch into nymphs after 7–14 days. It takes only 30 days for baby cockroaches to reach maturity. Male cockroaches live up to 200 days while females live up to 400 days. One female German cockroach can produce 1,000 descendants per year.

What Over-the-Counter Products Should I Use to Eliminate Roaches?

If you don’t want to get an exterminator, over-the-counter products can help for very small infestations or for one particular area in your home. But if you aren’t careful, these products can actually make your roach problem worse! For example, many times people will use sprays to get rid of them; however, using sprays causes them to scatter and causes their population size to grow at a quicker rate. So-called roach “bombs” or foggers may also drive your problem deeper into the wall and make roaches more resistant to the products that could help eliminate the roach problem. Plus, these products may leave a residue that attracts roaches and is nasty to spray in your home where you eat and sleep!

A better alternative is a gel bait designed specifically for killing roaches. Look for a product with boric acid as an active ingredient. This poison won’t kill immediately—so it should be placed in areas where children or pets can't find it—but it can help to eliminate your roach problem within weeks to months when used properly. Remember: only apply these products around cracks and crevices where you see actual insects moving around. If you spray anywhere else, then all that happens is that they run away from the scent (thus increasing their radius) instead of dying immediately as they should. Also, don't treat near or on food prep surfaces! As mentioned before, always hire an exterminator before trying these tactics on your own (you do not want to risk accidentally poisoning someone!).

What's the Best Way to Get Rid of Roaches from My Maryland House?

The most effective way to get rid of roaches is not with over-the-counter products; they simply often don't work. We get calls all the time from homeowners who tried to solve the problem themselves. For roach problems, hiring a professional exterminator is your best bet. Our exterminators start by finding nesting areas and conducive conditions. Then, we use a combination of baits, physical traps, dusts, and liquid products that will attract and kill roaches as they feed on them. The final step for eliminating roaches is using residual insecticide sprays inside your home as part of a thorough treatment plan. Using just one method can be ineffective—so it's important to use several techniques for effectively killing and removing these pests from your house!

Need Help Getting Rid of Roaches?

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